The Legacy Endowment Fund & 1869 Society are very important to me and the Pacific Northwest. Helping Mission around the World by sharing what I can and leaving a gift for the future ensures blessings on our United Women in Faith. Noriko’s passion for encouraging others to join in their Estate planning makes our future brighter. Giving is a response to the love and grace of God. Is your Will ready? “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way.”

Do you have a story to share with your friends? Do you have an enthusiastic young person to mentor? We provide opportunities and resources to grow spiritually, become more deeply rooted in Christ, and put Faith into action! We equip women and girls around the World to become leaders. The Legacy Endowment Fund is all about the future. We provide educational experiences that lead to personal change in order to transform the world. Please do what you can!

Because our roots are strong, we can grow in new directions we perhaps never imagined. To do so, we need the experience, wisdom, passion, and voice of women of all ages who are called to support one another in a sisterhood of grace. Not only to share stories but to listen with our hearts and minds to those who live with pain and suffering. Embrace the vision of our foremothers and give to the future! Blessings, Marsha Pacific Northwest Legacy Liaison 5/8/24 Legacy Grand total $39,491,271.

(2014 – 2024)
Pacific Northwest
2015, 2016, 2017$98,381
2020 $128,358
2021 $133,735
2024$685,172 as of 3/31/24
International Total “Day of Giving” March 23, 2024 $234,961.

Mission Giving Award

Marsha Aufenkamp
Legacy Liaison
United Women in Faith
Pacific Northwest

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