Mission Today

The purpose of the Mission Today criteria serve to energize United Women in Faith to be more involved in mission through prayer, study, and action:

  • Increase contacts between units and mission personnel and mission projects so that United Women in Faith understand what their money is supporting around the world.
  • Encourage use of mission resources through United Women in Faith.
  • Expand concepts of mission to include social justice as mission.

Mission Today Unit Requirements

Below you can find the buttons for each Pacific Northwest Conference Missional District. Select the correct form, set a goal early on, and check the boxes inside the brochure as you complete each item! The complete list is on the reverse side.

  • Gold Unit: complete at least 12 of the criteria, 6 of which must be marked with a star
  • Silver Unit: complete at least 6 of the criteria, 3 of which must be marked with a star

(Units that have under 15 members use half of the numbers mentioned above in all categories) The recording period to become a Mission Today Unit is from September through August. Please complete the form on the reverse side and send it to your District Mission Coordinator for Education & Interpretation or a designated person by August 15. 

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