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Sometimes, the old expression, “Better late than never,” reflects how some of us operate. It has been part of my way of living for too long; having so many interests and a big sense of curiosity have created a deluge of “collectible stuff” (mailings, magazines, minutes, etc.) over the years. My computer contributes to my insatiable desire, and all those “cookies” add enticing new emails – links not requested, but interesting! I am starting to simplify, downsize, discard, eliminate, and pass on to others anything of value. I want to start a new chapter in my life.

I receive updates on FAN (Faith Action Network) and plan to participate in the Interfaith Advocacy Day in Olympia on February 8, then return home for our granddaughter Grace’s 7 p.m. high school band concert in Arlington. For a number of years, I’ve followed “Interfaith Power & Light” as they work for a safe climate. I often respond to emails from our state and national senators and representatives and others working for justice regarding endangered humans, wildlife, destruction of the forests, and our fragile lands.

Our Puget Sound Missional District has secured the Marysville UMC for our District Annual meeting on Saturday, September 7. We will have our 2nd District Team meeting on Thursday, February 22, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. by Zoom. We’re still encouraging adding more women to our District Team and will be calling churches to re-engage with United Women in Faith.

We are living in a fragile world– environmentally, politically, educationally, and socially, as we try to deal with the homeless, the hungry, and the humanitarians working for many types of justice. We pray for our almighty God to be with us, direct us, and help us as we work for peace.

Somewhere, I found the following list of ways to have Democratic Organizing; it’s a nice reminder of how we can focus in our groups!

  1. Be inclusive.
  2. Emphasize bottom-up organizing.
  3. Let people speak for themselves.
  4. Work together in Solidarity and mutuality.
  5. Build just relationships among ourselves.
  6. Commit to self-transformation.


Jeannine “Jeannie” Lish
Puget Sound Missional District President

Land Acknowledgement

We, the members and friends of Arlington United Church (a merger of the United Methodist and the Evangelical Covenant denominations), respectfully honor the first peoples who have continuously inhabited this land around Arlington and the Stillaguamish River for thousands of years. We acknowledge that the area in which we gather is within the traditional territory of the People of the River, the Stoluckwamish River Tribe, and the Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians. They experienced genocide, ethnic cleansing, theft of their lands and water, and forced removal. On October 27, 1976, the Tribe achieved federal recognition and treaty rights and was made eligible for federal services. In 2014, the Tribe was granted a 64-acre reservation by the federal government. They have continued to acquire land in this area, are leading contributors to the area’s natural resource preservation and social outreach programs, and are active contributors to building Arlington’s future. They are teaching their children the cultural traditions of their ancestors, such as harvesting cedar and grasses for weaving, fishing, hunting, and gathering. And through their dancing, drumming, and singing. They believe that everything has a spirit and that they are caretakers of these lands and waters. We thank our Native American brothers and sisters for sharing their land and resources with us. We will strive to work with them to preserve their lands and to ensure all living things therein will thrive. We pray that God and His Holy Spirit support us in this joint endeavor

2023-2024 Officers

President: Jeannine Lish
Vice President: OPEN
Secretary: Pat Rudd
Treasurer: Karen Guthrie
Communications Coordinator: Gay Johnson
Education & Interpretation: OPEN
Membership Nurture & Outreach: OPEN
Program Resources: Helen Smith
Social Action: OPEN
Spiritual Growth: Beth Bryant
Chair, Committee on Nominations: Jeannine Lish

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