Vice President’s Corner

Reflection of the 2023 Fall Quarter


  • Attended the conference Fall Executive meeting at Olympia UMC.
  • Attended Governance Committee monthly meetings to update our national standing rules.
  • Co-hosted bimonthly JW Cohort meetings.
  • Participated in National educational opportunities, such as Faith Talks, Author Talks, Climate Justice, First Tribal Screening, etc.
  • Monthly Zoom meetings with Marchelle Phelps, NE Jurisdiction President
  • Registered for JW event and Legacy dinner in Alaska.
  • Registered for officer training debrief.
  • Registered for VP training.
  • Duties as assigned.


  • Attended the Fall Executive meeting at Olympia UMC.
  • I attended our Annual Meeting in Olympia and was provided home hospitality by Terry and Sue Raymond.  ‘Ainise ‘Isama’u, National President and keynote, and her daughter Poli were also hosted by the Raymonds.  Thanks
  • Installed as 2024 conference Vice President after my duties as National Director are officially over at the end of June.
  • Attended weekly Zoom conference reading group meetings. Currently reading
    I’m Black. I’m Christian. I’m Methodist.


  • I attended Juli Reinholz’s memorial, representing both Seven Rivers church and United Women in Faith.
  • No district meetings or events were scheduled.


  • Copresident for unit
  • Attended both monthly business and program meetings.
  • Presented the program in November and hosted the unit in December.
  • Participated in the unit reading program. The current read is
    The Seeker and the Monk.
  • Coordinated the Christmas Bazaar fundraiser.
  • Working on an Outreach Sunday each month where the missions of the church and of our unit are emphasized, including our foodbank, our Cold Weather Shelter, and the clothing center. A hands-on project is done during coffee hour on that Sunday. February is “Birthday Bags” for FISH.
  • Continuing to emphasize our Western Jurisdiction event and our unit money available to help with expenses for anyone interested in attending.

Always feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or ideas.  I look forward to seeing you at the Western Jurisdiction Event in May.  So many new possibilities as we elect directors to represent Western Jurisdiction. 253-732-2244

Respectfully submitted,

Stell Wallace
National Board of Directors
Pacific Northwest Conference
Seven Rivers District
Ellensburg UMC

Faith • Hope • Love in Action