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Find the new 2024 Reading List here:

Other Ways to Receive Reading Program Credit

  • Books from the 2019, 2020, 2021–2022, 2023, and 2024 Reading Program lists are all eligible for Reading Program reporting credit. You can find a combined list of all these books at
  • You are always welcome to use audiobooks if that’s an easier and more accessible way to read the material.
  • You can also receive Reading Program reporting credit for:
  • Listening to the Faith Talks podcast: 1 credit in Spiritual Growth for 2+ episodes
  • Listening to the Voices from the Field podcast: 1 credit in Education for Mission for 2+ episodes
  • Reading response magazine: 1 credit in Nurturing for Community for reading one year (6 issues)
  • Reading Program reporting credit can also be earned for being part of a Mission u study:
  • 1 credit in Spiritual Growth for reading a Mission u study on your own
  • 2 credits in Spiritual Growth for joining a Mission u study together with others as a leader or participant
  • Several movies are also available for Reading Program reporting credit, including Hidden Figures, Pushout, and The Hate U Give. In determining the category for credit, identify the category of the original book and apply credit for the film to the same category.

Serve as a Volunteer Evaluator with the Reading Program

I am writing to share an exciting volunteer opportunity with United Women in Faith’s Reading Program.

Did you ever wonder what goes into shaping the United Women in Faith Reading Program each year? At the heart of the Reading Program is the work of numerous volunteer evaluators who read and review a list of assigned books, offering careful and candid feedback regarding the books’ overall quality and alignment with our mission. In 2024, we will be evaluating potential books for the 2026 Reading Program, again relying on the extraordinary work of a great team of volunteer evaluators.

Are you interested in serving as a volunteer evaluator for the Reading Program this year? If so, please take 10 minutes to complete the 2024 interest form here.

We will consider interest forms on a rolling basis throughout the year, but completion by February 1st is preferred, as it allows us to plan appropriately for the spring cycle book assignments.

Emily Jones
Executive for Racial Justice
United Women in Faith

Looking For More Program Resources?

Our print materials for the Daily Prayer Guide, Program Resource and Mission u studies for 2024 are available for purchase. You can find the 2024 resources through this search link on the web store. Click and order today.

The Daily Prayer Guide 2024 theme, “Let Us Break Bread Together,” calls to mind that we are created to be in community and welcome all to God’s table. Daily prayers and devotionals are reminders of the steadfast love of God and invite us to the table, encouraging a deeper connection with God and one another in community. (M3376  $19.99) A digital-only version of the Daily Prayer Guide on our digital platform.

The 2024 United Women in Faith Program Resource invites all to join God’s banquet table at monthly gatherings. Explore through Scripture and hands-on activities what it means to be a community – not just within our circle, but with all of creation – embarking together on a journey about food, spiritual practices, and God who welcomes us.

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