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Other Ways to Participate in the Reading Program Credit

  • Books from the 2019, 2020, 2021–2022, 2023, and 2024 Reading Program lists are all eligible for Reading Program reporting credit. You can find a combined list of all these books at
  • You are always welcome to use audiobooks if that’s an easier and more accessible way to read the material.
  • You can also receive Reading Program reporting credit for:
  1. Listening to the Faith Talks podcast: 1 credit in Spiritual Growth for 2+ episodes
  2. Listening to the Voices from the Field podcast: 1 credit in Education for Mission for 2+ episodes
  3. Reading response magazine: 1 credit in Nurturing for Community for reading one year (6 issues)
  4. Reading Program reporting credit can also be earned for being part of a Mission u study:
  5. 1 credit in Spiritual Growth for reading a Mission u* study on your own
  6. 2 credits in Spiritual Growth for joining a Mission u* study together with others as a leader or participant
  • Several movies are also available for Reading Program reporting credit, including Hidden Figures, Pushout, and The Hate U Give. In determining the category for credit, identify the category of the original book and apply credit for the film to the same category.

* About Mission u: Each year, Mission u offers curricula for children, youth, and adults around one biblical or theological theme, with emphasis on spiritual growth, social action, and the global ministry of the church. _ Mission u 2023: Jesus’ teachings in the Gospels proclaim the good news of the kin-dom or reign (basileia) of God. Jesus mentions the kin-dom 90 times in the Synoptic Gospels! What does the Bible tell us about God’s basileia, and why do we call it the kin-dom? For Jesus, the kin-dom was not simply something to talk about, but something we could live and experience. From the Lord’s Prayer to the Beatitudes to the parables, this good news is at the heart of Jesus’ preaching, teaching, and ministry.

Mission u 2024: The 2024 Mission u curricula continues the theme of Living the Kin-dom, deepening our study of the ways Jesus preached and ministered in proximity to the kin-dom among the marginalized. We will focus on the ways Jesus invites us to transform our lives, our selves, and our communities in ways that bring us closer to the reign of God.

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