Membership Nurture & Outreach

I am writing this for the Sharing Line with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm. I feel nurtured and welcomed into a group of diverse women who have so much to share. Nurturing others is essential to our ability to include all and diversify our membership.

Last month, many United Women in Faith from around the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference gathered at Lazy-F for leadership development. I was blessed to help lead, but I gained as much, if not more, from all those who participated. The district counterparts for MNO and those who represented districts without an MNO coordinator shared experiences that were useful to all. Guest speaker Shannon inspired us all with her knowledge and ideas for nurturing and inspiring those in our local churches.

I will head to Anchorage for the United Women in Faith Jurisdiction in a few days. I look forward to sharing information with others when I return. Please provide units in your districts with the names of those attending. Sharing the experience would be a great program for a future meeting.

Mission U is fast approaching. It will happen at Wesley UMC in Yakima in July. This is a great opportunity for exposure to United Women in Faith’s mission work. As district officers, please encourage new persons and current members to register and participate in Mission U. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every unit sent someone to Mission U! Have a previous attendee invite someone who has never attended. It is essential that we take advantage of every opportunity to share the work of United Women in Faith. Be sure to provide information about scholarships at the district and conference levels.

Check out the National United Women in Faith’s webpage. There are so many resources available. Again, share this information with your district units. We must take advantage of multiple approaches to include people from all walks of life.

Remember that as MNO coordinators, you are responsible for the memorial service at your annual meetings. I will also work on this for the conference’s annual meeting. I would like to start this by the end of July/early August. Please send me a list of members who have passed away during the year. We can always add to it if we need to. Please let me know if you plan to attend the annual meeting in October, as I would like your help with the memorial service. I will be sending out more information as time gets closer.

We are United Women in Faith. As MNOs, we need to meet women where they are. This means doing things differently, not deserting current ways but adapting them and adding options to include ALL.

Gail Simpson,
Membership Nurture and Outreach Coordinator
United Women in Faith
Pacific Northwest

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