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Crest To Coast has been doing lots of planning for visits to Units to pass on information while encouraging Units that are struggling or have just slowed due to the Pandemic and are still recovering. Our Membership Nurture and Outreach chairperson, Joan Hackett, has also worked very hard to contact churches in our District with no United Women in Faith active Unit. Sue Raymond and Deb Avery have helped her make personal visits this Spring and early summer making important contacts with Pastors and others to keep everyone informed about UWF and encouraging Unit sharing (putting two or more churches together) and the new Access program.

We made our first visit on April 12, 2023, to White Salmon. President Bev Thomas, Secretary Eileen Costuck, and Treasurer Penny Wharton attended. What a joy it was to meet the ladies of White Salmon UMC and share ideas, new information from National, and a lovely lunch. They said it was a boost of encouragement that they needed. It emphasized the importance of these “getting to know you visits.” We have more planned for this spring and summer. Bev brought some new materials and ideas to share, Penny talked about our new access program, and Eileen spoke about the treasurer’s duties, deadlines, and where the money goes.

Our Membership Nurture and Outreach officer, Joan, is also working on ideas and events to encourage and increase membership in our Units. We are looking forward to what she comes up with as she has lots of experience and ideas. We will focus more on this after Mission U and our Annual Meeting.

Sheree Fitzpatrick, Education & Interpretation, has encouraged everyone to complete their Mission Today forms by August 15 and to attend Mission u.

Crest to Coast had excellent attendance at the Spiritual Retreat, and everyone had a good experience.

Our Crest To Coast Currants newsletter will go out four times a year; the next one is August 20.

We started early on planning for an exciting District Annual meeting in the fall. Our theme will be “Inspire, Impact, and Influence.” We look forward to having Katherine Parker as our keynote speaker, hopefully making our Annual Meeting more interesting and increasing attendance. It will be at Vancouver Heights UMC in Vancouver on September 30, 2023, a change from the previous schedule. Information and registration went out very early this year, hoping to catch everyone’s attention before the summer as many Units take a break.

We have lost a few more Units this year, so we are actively trying to support the ones we have and be optimistic about encouraging interest and growth.

Bev Thomas, President,
Crest To Coast Missional District

2022-2023 Officers

President- Bev Thomas
Vice President: OPEN
Secretary: Penny Wharton
Treasurer: Eileen Costuck
Communications Coordinator: OPEN
Education & Interpretation: Sheree Fitzpatrick
Membership, Nurture & Outreach: Joan Hackett
Program Resources: Lyn Milner
Social Action: OPEN
Spiritual Growth: Sue Raymond
Chair, Committee on Nominations: Gail Antijunti
Committee on Nominations Members: OPEN

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