Conference Officers and Committees

President, Deb Avery with newly elected conference officers: Stell Wallace, Vice President; Jan Catrell and Melissa Bortnick, Nominations Committee Members; Sophia Agtarap, Spiritual Growth; Jenny Bygland, Secretary and Communications; Linda Key, Treasurer; Marsha Aufenkamp, Nomination Committee Chair; Gail Simpson, Membership Nurture and Outreach. (Not pictured: Sara Krum, Social Action; Chidi Okoros, Education and Interpretation)

Executive Team

President—Deb Avery
Vice President—Stell Wallace
Secretary—Jenny Bygland
Treasurer—Linda Key
Communications—Jenny Bygland
Education & Interpretation—Chidi Okoros
Membership Nurture & Outreach—Gail Simpson
Social Action—
Spiritual Growth—Sophia Agtarap
Chair, Committee on Nominations—Marsha Aufenkamp

District Presidents

Crest to Coast—Bev Thomas
Inland—Judy Dirks
Puget Sound—Jeannine Lish
SeaTac—Diana Wilson
Seven Rivers—Barb Stout

Committee Reports

Endowment—Ja net’ Crouse
Nominations—Marsha Aufenkamp
Racial Justice—Deb Avery
Scholarship Committee—Marsha Aufenkamp, Jenny Bygland, Diana Wilson
Standing Rules Committee—Linda Key
Legacy—Marsha Aufenkamp

Other Reports

Social Media— Jenny Bygland
Language Coordinator—Marilyn Reid
National Director—Estella Wallace
Program Advisory Group—Marilyn Reid
Atlantic Street Center—
Tacoma Community House—Sue Raymond
Mission u—Marilyn Reid

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