President’s Message

Deb’s Dispatch

Making Mission and Ministry Happen

As we move through this Epiphany Season and begin to prepare ourselves for Lent, I am surrounding each of you with my love and prayers.

Now, more than ever, we call on the strength of our Creator and the support of our Sisters, United in Faith, to be open to hear God’s call for us in our lives.

I am excited about our adult curriculum for Mission u 2024… “WELCOME HOME”. It explores the images of God, embracing kinship, untangling personal tensions, receiving the
Kin-dom at hand, defining a place called home, presenting home to others, and more. I hope that you will plan to attend Mission u this year (July 25-27) in Yakima at Wesley UMC. They are a wonderful example of welcoming us “Home.” Even if you are not able to attend, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the study books prepared for adults, children, and youth within your local settings.

A guiding thought I would like to share from this curriculum is: “God invites us into the kin-dom. We are then provided with opportunities to extend the kin-dom to others, so the family of God continues to grow (John 20:20-23; James 5:13-20). The opportunity to present another with the ability to establish a new concept of home allows us to move deeper in our discipleship. Now, we are not just inviting others into a relationship with implications for future hopes, but we are inviting them into a relationship that has very real implications for what is taking place on a day-to-day basis in the flesh”.

How are you actively welcoming other women into our home of United Women in Faith…experiencing purpose through passion and action in ministry with women, children, and youth?

Have you seen the DAILY PRAYER GUIDE for 2024? The theme is “Let Us Break Bread Together.” I use it daily as part of my regular meditation practice. I have presented a challenge to our conference leadership team, and I am also extending this challenge to each of you…review the list of our National Mission Institutions found in this resource and locate one that you would like to learn more about and start building a relationship. The ministry of these many institutions would not be possible without our MISSION GIVING, which each of us commits to regularly. Personally, I have chosen the Navajo United Methodist Center in Farmington, New Mexico, which provides transitional living for survivors and families of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. I am looking forward to hearing about the relationships you build with your chosen National Mission Institution.

Another inspiring resource is our 2024 UNITED WOMEN IN FAITH CIRCLES PROGRAM RESOURCE! Our theme focuses on “Faith, Food and Fellowship” and was created by a familiar name to many of you (as she is part of our Pacific Northwest Conference), Joyce del Rosario. There are monthly programs with overarching themes of Faith Practices, Relationship to Self and One Another, Food Access and Food Justice, and Creating with and for One Another. I find each monthly program to be thought-provoking and adaptable for any number of participants. I truly believe these programs provide a strong basic foundation for inviting others to our table. How about combining with other women in your community for a Food Justice or Earth Care presentation?

And, of course, RESPONSE. It has a fresh new look with some positive changes made in response to suggestions of readers. The Bible study in the January/February issue would be valuable for any group, large or small, as we take a look at the “woman at the well.” Also, the influence section has great articles submitted by readers. I was especially excited to see one by our Spokane unit, Fowler United Women in Faith, and submitted by Sharon Stovall! You won’t want to miss it.

On an important note…. our ongoing MISSION GIVING makes these resources available and keeps us connected in our purpose of inspiring, impacting, and influencing! May we continue to give out of gratitude for all that we have been given in order to make an impact on women, children, and youth locally, nationally, and globally!

Can I hear an AMEN?

Deb Avery

Pacific Northwest Conference United Women in Faith

Humbly serving as your president 🙏

Deb Avery
PNW Conference
United Women in Faith President

Faith • Hope • Love in Action