President’s Message

Deb’s Dispatch

Springing into Action

As I write this article, our world around us is reeling. We are in uncertain times yet we are assured, as United Women in Faith, that by remaining open to God’s call for stewardship of giving and sharing our spiritual and tangible gifts, we will continue to make a difference in our world.

We are in the midst of vital decision-making events within our United Methodist System. …General Conference, Western Jurisdiction in Anchorage (United Women in Faith), Western Jurisdictional (UMC), Pacific Northwest Annual Conference (UMC), Pacific Northwest Annual Gathering of United Women in Faith at Spokane Valley UMC (October 18-19). Let our voices be heard!

Recently, your leadership within the Pacific Northwest Conference and Missional Districts of United Women in Faith gathered at Lazy F. Conference, and District leadership teams spent time in reflection, searching, sharing, planning, worship, fellowship, and breaking bread together. You will hear more about our time together through your district leadership teams! Shannon Priddy, with our National Division, motivated and challenged each of us as we looked at our spiritual gifts in regard to our stewardship and sharing of those gifts.

How are you “springing into action” within United Women in Faith? Are you engaging in the many online offerings of “Faith Talks,” “Voices for the Field,” “Soul Care,” and “Reading Program”? Are you reaching out to that friend that you feel would really be excited about the mission and ministry of United Women in Faith but just needs a little “nudge”? Have you introduced youth to the digital platform of United Women in Faith? Have you “boasted” about the work we do instead of keeping it a “best-kept secret”? Have you followed “Response” magazine and its timely information? I especially appreciated the recent edition that outlines the issues being brought forward by United Women in Faith during this General Conference! Are you making a presence and letting your voice be heard in your own local churches and communities?

I encourage each of you to “spring into action” with whatever gifts and graces you bring to the table.

Serving you with excitement for our future,


Deb Avery
President, Pacific Northwest Conference United Women in Faith

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