Social Action

The theme of this newsletter is to share how we can “Go and Do Likewise.” One of the most incredible things about the United Women in Faith is that we are constantly working to educate ourselves on the issues facing women, children, and youth worldwide. But how can we take that a step further here in the Pacific Northwest? How can we impact those women, children, and youth here in our communities?

One way we can make an impact coming this fall/winter is through our new partnership with Faith Action Network (FAN). FAN is a multi-faith advocacy group here in Washington. I contacted FAN because I believe many of our core values and interests are aligned. With our new partnership, we will be advocating at the Capitol during the next legislative session with the help of FAN on the issues near and dear to our organization—specifically, the issues facing the climate, women, and children. Additionally, I will be working with FAN to review upcoming bills that align with our desire to improve the lives of women and children in our communities. This will allow me to share that information with all of you and HOW you can reach out to your legislators to share your thoughts on these bills.

Before all these wonderful opportunities to advocate as United Women in Faith, we have a virtual advocacy 101 course with FAN on August 21, 2023 from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm.  Register now for Lunch and Learn – Advocacy 101 with United Women in Faith

Missed the Training? You can still access the training information below.

This is one way we will be able to make an impact on a state-wide level this upcoming year.

But how can we make an impact in our communities? This year, I want to challenge all units to reach out to local foster care agencies and women’s shelters to see how best we can serve the women and children they care for. I would recommend asking if the women and children need basic supplies, clothes, luggage, etc., and doing a church-wide drive to provide those items. I will provide a list of foster care agencies at our conference later this Fall. Please get in touch with me if you have more questions about how this might work.

Want to know more about how we can make an impact this year? Please reach out to me, and I would be happy to do an in-person visit with your unit or district or an online Zoom to discuss a personalized plan for you!

Finally, please send me your Racial Justice Club paperwork by October 1st to be recognized at the Annual Conference in October. You can find resources on our website. You will find information on the form for how to send the information to me or you can reach me through the contact form below.

I cannot wait to see how you all make an impact this year! Please send me pictures of your activities as we work to “Go and Do Likewise.”

With Blessings,

Sara Krum
Social Action Coordinator for
United Women in Faith
Pacific Northwest Conference  

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