Tacoma Community House

One of Our Mission Partners

What an exciting time to get involved in the ministries and mission of Tacoma Community House!  I had the privilege of meeting with the new Executive Director, Aimee Khuu, recently.  She comes to the organization with a wealth of administrative and organizational skills from the Providence Hospital system.  Her father was an immigrant from Vietnam and she has lived int that country as an ESL teacher and volunteer.  She has a passion for refugees and helping people in new situations. 

And there are so many new ways to get involved at Tacoma Community House. Though the name suggests a very local ministry, their approach is to assist a wide variety of people and needs. Presently 250 immigrants and refugees are served on site. About 70% of those participating in the language and citizenship classes are Ukrainian! They can also receive pro bono and low bono legal assistance when navigating the legal hurdles to citizenship. If you watch the news and see the plight of the people in Ukraine and think, “I wish there were something I could do to help,” Tacoma Community House might offer that “something.” While monetary assistance is ALWAYS needed, if you want a more hands-on approach, Talk Time might be an option. You could meet with a small group for about 10 minutes and engage in conversation with them. You would get a list of vocabulary words they are studying and talk to them about their culture, their struggles, how they are adapting to their new situation, and so on. What a personal way to experience the life of one of our newest residents! TCH provides English and citizenship classes, employment and legal services, and GED preparation.

And then there is the REACH program, Resources for Educational Advancement, Careers, and Housing. Their mission is: At The REACH Center, our mission is to equip and embolden young people to succeed in education and employment through a strong network of dedicated partners. The staff is committed to helping meet the needs of every young person. Tacoma PRIDE awarded REACH the 2023 Emerald Award for their outstanding work.

As far-reaching and ambitious as the programs sound, small ways exist to get involved and support Tacoma Community House. Aimee shared that she would love to see a couple of picnic benches in front of the facility so teens and neighborhood folks could have a relaxing place to meet and chat. Whatever gifts and skills you have to share, there is an outlet for your talents at Tacoma Community House. Visit the website www.tacomacommunityhouse.org to see how you might support the ministries and mission!

Blessings — Sue Raymond

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