Thousand Oaks

"So what will you do?" asks the Rev. Wes Stanton in the wake of another mass shooting. "What will you do, not only to help yourself to live further from the edge of violence and isolation, but to transform your web of acquaintances, your neighborhood, your community?"

For God so loved the USA

In response to a social media post on the Central American refugee crisis light on facts and compassion, Pastor Scott Rosekrans tried out a new approach that isn't "judgmental or threatening."  "I’m not looking to pick a fight... I just believe that [Christians] should be leading the fight to spread God’s love, mercy and righteousness."

Silence has many faces

"As I watched immigrant children sitting silent in cages on our southern borders, I could only imagine what grief and fear their silence betrayed," writes the Rev. Paul Graves in a letter to his grandkids. In his message Graves considers the power of sacred silence, both in times where it is a reprieve to a noisy world and in moments where it is an alternative to a silence born in fear.

When the holidays are more bitter than sweet

Commentary by Patrick Scriven Wise ministry leaders are often cautious on holidays like Mothers Day. In any given congregation there is likely someone who has...

Mad Tweeting our way to oblivion?

Commentary by Patrick Scriven Like many Americans, I consume the morning news while I'm eating my breakfast and getting ready for the day. I've gotten...

Seriously, Easter is too a joke

"Could it be that God invented the Resurrection of Jesus as a dramatic reminder for us that death, for all of its power to imprison us in our fears, will not be the end of Life? " In a letter to his grandchildren reflecting on the odd occasion of Easter and April Fool's day sharing a date on the calendar, Rev. Paul Graves makes the case that it is perfectly appropriate.

And the children shall lead us…

According to Patrick Scriven, the advocacy of young people in the wake of last week's school shooting is both inspiring and unsettling. It's inspiring because it may be making a difference but it's unsettling because it also speaks to the brokenness of institutions like the federal government and The United Methodist Church.

Another look at new connectional giving numbers

For the fourth year in a row, more conferences paid 100% of their general-church apportionment. For Patrick Scriven, the variance in how different United Methodist jurisdictions in the U.S. met this goal raises some interesting questions.

Your Thoughts and Prayers have just Arrived

A recent Facebook post with a meme criticizing the "thoughts and prayers" response to disasters got under the skin of Scott Rosekrans, pastor of Port Hadlock Community UMC. He spent some time reflecting on what prayer should mean to Christians and how a sincere faith is inevitably coupled with action.

While answering a call…can you GO HOME AGAIN?

By Bailey Brawner, Elizabeth Hurd, and Maggie Ward Bailey Brawner, Elizabeth Hurd, and Maggie Ward are all M.Div students at Boston University School of Theology....