Wellness in Cross-Racial/Cross-Cultural Settings

"I have served for more than a decade in this Conference, and my experience is that local churches accept CR/CC appointments with a mix of enthusiasm and trepidation," writes Rev. Denise Roberts. Her post on Cross-Racial/Cross-Cultural appointments focuses on the special attention needed to healthy relationships to maintain clergy wellness.

Creative Arts as Spiritual Practice

In a post for the Clergy Wellness blog, Rev. Dr. Denise McGuiness writes that many of us "spend most of their time living in their heads." This may be even more true for clergy. McGuiness points to art as an excellent outlet and way to access our creativity.

A Contemplative New Year

"Do New Year resolutions ... make us better people, better Christians, better pastors?" Sue Magrath asks this question as the new year approaches and offers an alternative, more contemplative, approach.

The Marriage Crisis

By Sue Magrath, MC Many clergy have shared issues on this page that require a great deal...

Chronic Pain is My Superpower

"Why is chronic pain my superpower?" writes Rev. Jenny Smith, lead pastor at Marysville United Methodist Church. Smith explains that living with chronic pain has forced her to take seriously things like Sabbath and helpful boundaries. It has also given her empathy for many others who struggle in similar ways.

Love—The Only Way

The Rev. Dr. Joanne Carlson Brown offers her insights on the unique challenges faced by queer clergy in The United Methodist Church when it comes to wellness. She speaks to the value of sacred community and love in providing necessary support.

Holding Each Other Up

In her post for the Clergy Wellness Corner, Rev. Lara Bolger talks about the importance of finding support for the hard work of ministry. Especially "during this tumultuous time in the life of our denomination," she argues that clergy "can really hold each other up."

Yoga: The Body/Spirit Connection

While there is no one right way to navigate clergy wellness, times like these do require intentionality according to the Rev. Laura Baumgartner. Laura shares how the practice of Yoga has helped her to listen deeply to the messages her body is sending her.

Distractions and Disruptions

"Some people strive for a “work-life balance.” I’m not sure it exists... Accepting that as a reality is a big help." Rev. Debbie Sperry offers some wisdom earned the hard way in the latest post on the Clergy Wellness blog.

Radical Self-Care

In a post for the Clergy Wellness column, Rev. Katie Stickney shares how a recent bout of back pain revealed a new truth. While self-care offers all sorts of logistical challenges, the "biggest barriers" are often harder to see and tied into our beliefs about ourselves and our value.