Update: Washington Paid Family & Medical Leave

Washington will soon be the fifth state in the nation to offer paid family and medical leave benefits to workers. Because of this, changes will be required to how businesses, including churches, track employees hours in the new year.

There’s a new tax law in town!

Starting in 2020, Washington will be the fifth state in the nation to offer paid family and medical leave benefits to workers. Assistant PNW Conference Treasurer Rik Jamieson provides this synopsis on how this new law will impact local churches and how they handle payroll.

Changes to Clergy Moving Expenses

Bruce Galvin, Pensions and Health Benefits Officer for the PNW Conference, has some important information for clergy (and churches) experiencing a pastoral transition in 2018. The recently passed 'Tax Cuts and Jobs Act' brings bad news, a repeal of the tax exclusion for moving expenses clergy have long enjoyed.

Got Employees in Washington State? Make sure you plan for these 2 things

Assistant Conference Treasurer Rik Jamieson shares two upcoming changes to labor law in Washington State that could impact local churches. As these changes to the minimum wage and sick leave approach, leaders should take the opportunity to make sure that all labor practices are in alignment with state and federal laws

Twenty-Seven Annual Conferences Give 100% of Their 2016 General Church Apportionments

Nashville, TN – The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA), working with the 56 annual conferences in the United States, reports that twenty-seven...

Funding Ministries and Mission Outreach 2017

What are Conference budgets? How can I support mission? What resources are available from The PNW Conference that can help our church treasurers? Download...

Stop the Presses!! – New Overtime Laws are on hold! #FLSA

By Rik Jamieson | Assistant PNW Conference Treasurer Just before Thanksgiving a federal court in Texas granted a nationwide injunction blocking the enforcement of proposed changes to...

Surcharge coming for PNW churches who fail to use Background Check credit

By Teri Tobey | Program Associate for Young People's Ministries Your church received an advance premium credit as an incentive to complete background checks on staff...

The church budget…..It’s for you, not from you!

By Rik Jamieson | Assistant PNW Conference Treasurer Wait, what?... Let’s take a moment and talk about how the church budget is for you, not from you....

Embracing a Season of Fruitfulness at the Summit

Attendees of the quadrennial Leadership Summit close worship in prayer before beginning workshops. This year, the summit was held at Vancouver: First UMC. The Leadership...