Some thoughts for Local Church Pastors needing to explain why The United Methodist Church...

By Patrick Scriven I appreciate that “United Methodist leaders” decided to wait until after the holidays to...

Nope, your pastor, bishop, etc., didn’t really ask you to purchase gift cards

As the Christmas holiday arrives, it's important to remember that fraudsters are most eager to take advantage of the benevolence and trusting nature of church members. Be proactive and keep your people safe!

The Cybertruck and the Challenges of Change in the Church

Last week, Tesla Motors unveiled the Cybertruck to much fanfare and a fair amount of ridicule. Drifting off a post by Seth Godin, Patrick Scriven wonders what the reveal can teach us about navigating change in the Church.

PNW WJ Fresh Summit Report

During the Western Jurisdiction Fresh United Methodism Summit, attendees received a number of reports from jurisdictional leadership and workgroups. Annual Conferences were...

New United Methodist Ad Campaign Addresses Loneliness

Nashville, Tennessee – The United Methodist Church has launched the “Not the Only One” advertising campaign to help offer encouragement through community.

The Spiritual Practice of Being Something Else

By Patrick Scriven Over the next week, millions of Americans will throw on a costume and pretend to...

How to get media coverage for your church event or program

Reporters and news editors may be interested in an event you're hosting or project you're involved in — especially if it benefits groups of people within your community. When your church captures positive media attention, it's priceless free promotion for you.

The Times They Are A-Changin’

As he contemplates the months ahead for The United Methodist Church, Patrick Scriven finds some inspiration in Bob Dylan's famous song about change.

United Methodist churches invited to Unwrap Christmas in communities around the globe

United Methodist Communications has announced its 2019 Unwrap Christmas event campaign. The campaign includes support for outreach efforts including event grants and other resources for local #UMC churches.

When it comes to email, being skeptical is a good practice

When it comes to churches and other non-profits, fraudsters are most eager to take advantage of the benevolence and trusting nature of...