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Articles by lay and clergy members of the Annual Conference representing the specific viewpoints of the author and not necessarily the position of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference.

Wrestling with God in St. Louis: A Biblical Reflection

When United Methodists gather in St. Louis next month, Rev. Paul Graves is expecting something akin to a "wresting match". According to Graves, the story of Jacob could provide some helpful insights to delegates and observers of the General Conference.

Are we asking the right questions?

Commentary by Patrick Scriven I had the opportunity this week to spend some time at Lazy F, one of our four United Methodist Camps in the PNW Conference. It was...

Courage to create a politics worthy of the human spirit

"I don’t want to hate anybody, especially the political leaders I vehemently disagree with," writes the Rev. Paul Graves. Reflecting on a cultural climate "where it's hard not to hate," Graves suggests that our faith offers us a better path than hate or despair if we risk opening our hearts to the world around us.

The parable of the Hot Dog

Commentary by Patrick Scriven A story reported this morning on NPR gave me a little hope. According to the Pioneer Press, Jaequan Faulkner, a 13-year-old entrepreneur and person of color, was...

Live into Pentecost with Spanish Wings: Spanish Language Experience for Church Leaders

By the Rev. Lyda Pierce Bishop Elaine Stanovsky posted on Facebook last week: The Holy Spirit enabled people who spoke different languages to understand each other, and made them into ONE...

When the holidays are more bitter than sweet

Commentary by Patrick Scriven Wise ministry leaders are often cautious on holidays like Mothers Day. In any given congregation there is likely someone who has a complicated relationship with the...

The church is watching, waiting, UMC Bishops told

CHICAGO – (April 29, 2018) United Methodist bishops were today reminded that the church is watching, waiting and wondering if and how they will lead the denomination into the...

Fear of the Tap (water)

Growing up in the Philippines, the Rev. David Valera learned that it was never safe to drink water straight from the tap. In this reflective post, Valera wrestles with how hard it can be to let go of "deep-rooted fears" even long after one has learned there is no danger. He wonders what role the church can play in liberating others.

Eat More Eggs, Do More Laundry

The people of Community United Methodist Church in Port Hadlock, Washington have recently started to complement their existing support of UMCOR with a renewed focus and interest in the needs of their local community. For its pastor Scott Rosekrans, this interest has resulted in broader and more creative engagement by the church, and regular surprises on his pulpit on Sunday mornings.

Moving cost subsidies for pastors, staff, now a taxable fringe benefit

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, recently enacted by Congress, made numerous changes to the taxation of both individuals and organizations. Rik Jamieson, assistant Treasurer for the PNW Conference, delivers the (bad) news and how it impacts pastors and local churches.