GBCS Board of Directors Release Social Principles to the Church

CHICAGO — At its final meeting of the quadrennium, the board of directors of the General Board of Church and Society (GBCS) introduced the Revised...

The Complicated Business​ of Celebrating the Past

By Patrick Scriven As a child of the 80s, I've come to realize that I carry a fair amount of nostalgia for some movies and...

Japanese American United Methodists offer support of immigrants, reminder of history

In response to escalating attacks on immigrants to the United States, Japanese American United Methodists are finding ways to offer their support for immigrants. As Sasha Terry shares, many also see echos today of the racist acts that led to the incarceration of 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II.

Can you Imagine being separated from your family?

By Libby Marie Hall Do you remember that early 70s song Imagine? Please take a moment and listen to this song from John Lennon.  This...

I am not a divider, am I?

In 1991, Roxy and Michelle started to attend Ashland United Methodist Church. In this powerful look back, the church's current pastor, Rev. Richenda Fairhurst, shares the tragic story of what followed, and how love responded.

Building Bridges, Not Walls – Wildlife Edition

Cindy Haverkamp, Creation Care Connector, shares facts about the ecological impacts of walls and bridges, sharing a success story from Snoqualmie Pass.

Looking for a New Year’s Resolution? How About Zero Waste?

The new year provides us an opportunity to consider the practices we hold and assess whether they align with our goals and values. Creation Care Connector, Cindy Haverkamp, challenges individuals and churches to move towards Zero Waste in the new year!

Hands, feet, ears, and noses: Working together for the glory of God

Rev. Terri Stewart anticipated an Advent season where her responsibilities would allow her the opportunity to heal from recent surgery. Instead, she found herself far busier than expected, and grateful for the community that came together to offer Christmas to incarcerated youth.

Community Organizer on a Mission

Global Missions Fellow Angela Reed is assigned to Tacoma Community House. She shares with us some her work as a community organizer for TCH, learning and educating others about their important welcoming work.

De-Regulating the Waters of Life?

PNW Creation Care Connector Cindy Haverkamp, muses on possible de-regulation of water protections announced this week by the EPA. What does The United Methodist Church have to say, and what role is there for people of faith?