Toppenish church to celebrate 120 years and counting!

Eli Martinez, co-lead pastor for New Harvest Fellowship in Toppenish, WA, sees the upcoming celebration of 120 years of a Methodist presence in the community as an opportunity to renew ministry to a city dealing with fear from recent shootings.

May U Journey On

Rev. Ferdinand Llenado went through a faith crisis as he experienced a paradigm shift from fundamentalism towards inclusive thinking. In this post on the PNW News Blog, Llenado shares several benedictions from his recently published book, shaped by this faith journey through the U.

Fear of the Tap (water)

Growing up in the Philippines, the Rev. David Valera learned that it was never safe to drink water straight from the tap. In this reflective post, Valera wrestles with how hard it can be to let go of "deep-rooted fears" even long after one has learned there is no danger. He wonders what role the church can play in liberating others.

Doorway to Recovery

Rev. Susan Boegli, pastor of Battleground Community UMC, has been sober for ten months. In this post for the Clergy Wellness Corner, she shares how her journey to sobriety started last year on Good Friday, the fear she took on in stepping into the light, and the support she has received along the way.

Did you ever feel like the time before Christmas is just upside-down?

By the Rev. Paul Graves Do you remember the lead-up to Christmas when you were a child? If you now have children, or grandchildren, or...

What the Church could learn from Moana

Meredith Gudger-Raines reflects on the story of Moana, her journey to discover her identity, and the urgent need of the Church to remember its own.

I don’t love as God loves…

By Patrick Scriven | Director of Communications, Young People’s Ministries First there was Hurricane Harvey. Next there was Hurricane Irma, and an 8.1-magnitude earthquake which rocked...

Liturgy: The Crossroads of Love and Justice

The Rev. Mantu Joshi is sharing a liturgy he wrote inspired by a Carpenters song Bishop Karen Oliveto likes. He is offering it to churches who are interested with permission to use and adapt in worship.


Women gathering Energy rising The signs are all around By thousands they arrive Big or small, flashy or tentative In peace, silently witnessing To an inner strength—irrepressible Words of cordoned rage,...

An Impossible Calling

By Rev. Meredith Gudger-Raines In the last days of the 2016 election, I escaped into the new Netflix series The Crown. Mid-century glamour, British accents and...