What do Benedictine monks and United Methodist clergy have in common?

By the Rev. Meredith Dodd | Pastor, Bear Creek United Methodist Church What do Benedictine monks and United Methodist clergy have in common? At first glance,...

COVID-19 tests more than our bodies

"The COVID-19 is testing more than our bodies. Our spirits are getting a great test too," writes the Rev. Paul Graves. He argues that despite our separation and individualistic tendencies, we are our best, most authentic, selves when we help each other.

Toppenish church to celebrate 120 years and counting!

Eli Martinez, co-lead pastor for New Harvest Fellowship in Toppenish, WA, sees the upcoming celebration of 120 years of a Methodist presence in the community as an opportunity to renew ministry to a city dealing with fear from recent shootings.

Making My Daily Bread (Recipe Included!)

“Give us this day our daily bread…” this is the line in the Lord’s Prayer that I most take for granted. In my household,...

Prophetic Grace in a Manger

"When we celebrate Jesus’ birth only as a “Jesus sweet and mild” newborn, we unconsciously dismiss the radically prophetic message his birth and whole life embodied." Rev. Paul Graves challenges us to see the birth of Christ as the bold unmerited gift of grace that it is.

Advent Greetings from Bishop Hagiya

As we enter this season of holy births, new beginnings, and the hope of peace, I want to extend my deepest blessing upon you,...


By Kellen Head-Corliss | Ministry Intern serving at Bear Creek United Methodist Church I should start with a thank you to the conference and those who designed...

Entertaining Angels

"I don’t think it’s right to mix politics and religion," said Dorene, "but maybe Jose was kind of like a prophet." June Darling eloquently shares how a unconventional attendee of the Cashmere United Methodist Church pushed the edges out to help others to grow just "a tidbit more patient."

Leaving Facebook and the Prisons We Make for Ourselves

By the Rev. Cara Scriven | Tacoma District Superintendent Over the last year, I noticed that I was mindlessly checking Facebook when I had any...

Waiting Amidst Brokenness

By the Rev. Cara Scriven | Tacoma District Superintendent CChristmas is my favorite holiday. I eagerly await the first day when I can play Christmas...