Creation Care(s for you!)

Cindy Haverkamp considers the gifts of creation after a winter weekend spent outdoors.

Anatomy of a PNW United Methodist Disaster Response

After a rare tornado struck near Port Orchard just before Christmas, community members were eager to help but in need of assistance with management and assessment. Cindy Haverkamp shares how the Pacific Northwest United Methodist Church's Early Response Team stepped in to help to coordinate and assist with recovery efforts.

Building Bridges, Not Walls – Wildlife Edition

Cindy Haverkamp, Creation Care Connector, shares facts about the ecological impacts of walls and bridges, sharing a success story from Snoqualmie Pass.

Looking for a New Year’s Resolution? How About Zero Waste?

The new year provides us an opportunity to consider the practices we hold and assess whether they align with our goals and values. Creation Care Connector, Cindy Haverkamp, challenges individuals and churches to move towards Zero Waste in the new year!

De-Regulating the Waters of Life?

PNW Creation Care Connector Cindy Haverkamp, muses on possible de-regulation of water protections announced this week by the EPA. What does The United Methodist Church have to say, and what role is there for people of faith?

Have No Fear! The Green Shirts Are Here!

Five Early Response Teams from across the Western Jurisdiction join up to help North Carolina residents recover from Hurricane Florence.

Volunteer Home Builders Bring Amazing Hope to Okanogan County!

By Cindy Haverkamp with Rosalee Mohney, Wildfires UMVIM Coordinator When volunteers first began responding for calls to rebuild homes in Okanogan County following the worst fires in our state’s history,...

All Earth is Waiting: Creation Care Advent Resources

By Cindy Haverkamp With just a day or two left in November, Advent is almost upon us! Please consider including a prayer or song in honor of the plants and...

A United Methodist Response to the National Climate Assessment

Creation Care Connector, Cindy Haverkamp, reflects on ways for United Methodists to respond to last Friday's National Climate Assessment.

EarthKeepers lend a hand at the UMCOR West Depot

EarthKeepers trainees recently visited the Salt Lake City UMCOR West Depot and learned how the energy and generosity of United Methodists are deployed in response efforts when natural disaster strike. Cindy Haverkamp shares some of what they learned and how your church can participate in this work.