A Mindful Advent

For her latest wellness post, Sue Magrath intended to encourage clergy to "attend to their own spiritual Advent journey" but a call to serve as an interim lay person over the season is causing her to reevaluate and redevelop advice that is realistic.

Calling all Clergy Spouses!

Dear Clergy of the PNW and their Partners/Spouses, You may have heard that the PNW Conference is widening its focus on clergy wellness to include...

A Contemplative New Year

"Do New Year resolutions ... make us better people, better Christians, better pastors?" Sue Magrath asks this question as the new year approaches and offers an alternative, more contemplative, approach.

Renewal Leave Essentials

For this month’s installment of the Clergy Wellness Corner, Sue Magrath gets some insight on renewal leave from the Rev. Derek McGuckin, pastor at Riverview United Methodist Church in Pasco, Washington. McGuckin, who took a renewal leave recently, describes them as essential and offers some practical pointers from his experience.

Preaching on Mental Health

The Rev. Shane Moore shares how an encounter with panic attacks, and subsequent conversations with members of his church, led him to offer a 4-week sermon series on the topic of mental health. He wonders how we could "change the conversation" around the topic if more churches engaged mental health directly.

Clergy Wellness Corner: Covenant Groups for the Long Ride Ahead

An impromptu jog in the spring with his children, eager to try out new bicycles, left Scott Klepach of Yakima: Wesley UMC with a new appreciation for proper running gear. It also caused him to reflect on the benefits of shared experiences and the relationships formed in them. As a student pastor, connections with other students, often facilitated by technology, have already made a positive impact.

It all started with a walk

In a post for the Clergy Wellness Corner, Rev. Debbie Sperry shares how incremental increases in her activity through walking led to a discovery. She noticed that when she gets out for a walk she is a better, kinder and more patient person as the practice allows her to "disentangle" her thoughts and process stress.

Befriending the Body

"Far from viewing our bodies as sacred, we either view our bodies with disgust, or at best, indifference," writes Sue Magrath for the Clergy Wellness Corner. She continues on to share suggestions busy clergy (and others) can incorporate as we seek to "befriend" bodies we sometimes treat with indifference or even disgust.


By Sue Magrath | Sacred Mountain Ministries We all have it—that area of vulnerability, the Achilles heel which we hope will never catch up with us. But it...

Walking the Labyrinth: A Step in Spiritual Formation

By Rev. Cheryl A. Fear, Retired A few years ago I officiated at the wedding of two dear friends. Instead of an honorarium, the bride...