Tidal Waves

"What do we do when anything we can do seems like sticking our finger into in the dike in an attempt to fend off a tidal wave?", asks Sue Magrath reflecting on the surge in victims/survivors of sexual assault who are sharing their stories, some for the first time. She shares that clergy should prepare themselves to be present to listen to those who have been harmed, to advocate so that they are heard, and to fight for sweeping societal change for a better tomorrow.

BOM announces web-based Clergy Wellness Workshops

The Formation committee of the PNW Board of Ordained Ministry is excited to announce a series of optional web-based clergy wellness workshops. The first workshop, 'Achieving a Healthy Body in an Unhealthy World' with Rev. Brad Beeman, will launch in January.

Clergy Wellness Task Force Seeks to Create Directory of Helping Professionals

The Clergy Wellness Task Force is in the process of creating a directory of helping professionals. We want to offer clergy a resource for...

Chronic Pain is My Superpower

"Why is chronic pain my superpower?" writes Rev. Jenny Smith, lead pastor at Marysville United Methodist Church. Smith explains that living with chronic pain has forced her to take seriously things like Sabbath and helpful boundaries. It has also given her empathy for many others who struggle in similar ways.

Compassion Fatigue

By Rev. Joy Martin, ordained deacon Imagine my surprise when an accomplished organizational development author and speaker once told me, "Your problem is that you...

Burnout, Part One

Growing up in Alaska, Rev. Lisa Talbott learned how to fly before she learned how to drive. One of the most important flying lessons she received provides insight into a professional challenge she recently encountered. Burnout.

Sacred Play

In her latest post to the Clergy Wellness blog, Sue Magrath encourages pastors to consider the concept of Sacred Play. In a role so often burdened with unrealistic internal and external expectations, play could provide an avenue toward discovering balance, maintaining perspective, and sustaining energy.

Help! My Life is Out of Control

By Denise McGuiness, PhD, M.Div | Pastoral Psychologist, Deacon We all know that life is stressful. In fact, without a certain amount of stress, life would...

Preaching on Mental Health

The Rev. Shane Moore shares how an encounter with panic attacks, and subsequent conversations with members of his church, led him to offer a 4-week sermon series on the topic of mental health. He wonders how we could "change the conversation" around the topic if more churches engaged mental health directly.

Clergy Wellness Corner: Saying Yes

"I know that I am not alone in my difficulty with saying no. There are a lot of clergy who suffer from the same ailment." Sue Magrath reflects on the needed discipline of saying "no" and makes a case for exploring the hidden, unnamed, motivations of our "Yeses."