A Matter of Alignment?

The Rev. Paul Graves uses the metaphor of chiropractic alignment to discuss the problems we are experiencing as a denomination today, and at times in our own struggles as well. He states, "alignment has everything to do with relationships we have – with our bodies, emotions, the people we live with and around, the God we perceive, and the Bible we read."

Tacoma Methodists stand with victims of Charlottesville

By Jesse N. Love | Additional Photos by Karen Yokota Love “Why do we have such a difficult time showing compassion to our neighbors?” This is...

An argument for print and comprehension

Amazon Books is located in University Village in Seattle's U-District. Caz Salamanca is visiting this store for the first time and is enjoying a...

If we’re not walking with Christ, then what are we doing?

By Pastor Nico Romeijn-Stout | Photos by Ken Fankhauser In the past year, I’ve attended so many marches, rallies, protests, vigils, and other public actions that...

We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.*

By Patrick Scriven | Director of Communications & Young People's Ministry Iwoke up this morning to a lovely email from a member of one of...

An Update from Standing Rock

Originally posted to the PNW UMC Board of Church & Society's Facebook Page. It is 5am here and the Water Ceremony at Standing Rock Oceti...

Silence has many faces

"As I watched immigrant children sitting silent in cages on our southern borders, I could only imagine what grief and fear their silence betrayed," writes the Rev. Paul Graves in a letter to his grandkids. In his message Graves considers the power of sacred silence, both in times where it is a reprieve to a noisy world and in moments where it is an alternative to a silence born in fear.

How is your vision?

A recent story about a boy who lost his vision because of a lack of diversity in his diet has Patrick Scriven wondering if the same principle might be at work in our social and spiritual lives.

Religion is supposed to bind us together; don’t use it to cast others out

"What religious tie binds/blinds you to persons you don’t agree with, or you negatively, harshly judge?" Rev. Paul Graves wrestles with the polarizing effect of religion in culture today, noting how it is better purposed to bind us together.

Biblical Obedience

By Roy I. Sano, Bishop | The United Methodist Church A growing number of United Methodist clergy are conducting same gender unions in violation of...