Together, we will get there (…and this is not a personal thing)

Marches for Ebola virus awareness and for the response to the death of Michael Brown. Together, we will get there (…and this is not...

What if we’re making the wrong decisions?

By the Rev. Alissa Bertsch Johnson | Photo by Kathy Sawtells, cover illustration courtesy of Wikipedia On Oct. 22, while preaching on Moses leading the...

Word from Winkler — A significant couple of weeks

UMNS photo of The United Methodist Board of Church and Society's decorated tent on the National Mall by Kathy L. Gilbert. By Jim Winkler, General...

Dear Rev. Dr. King: How Do We Challenge Environmental Racism?

By the Rev. Katie Ladd | Photos by Kristina Gonzalez Note: This week, clergy and laity from the PNWUMC will be sharing letters in the...

For God so loved the USA

In response to a social media post on the Central American refugee crisis light on facts and compassion, Pastor Scott Rosekrans tried out a new approach that isn't "judgmental or threatening."  "I’m not looking to pick a fight... I just believe that [Christians] should be leading the fight to spread God’s love, mercy and righteousness."

What is your Change Theory?

"Change is harder than we often acknowledge," cautions Patrick Scriven in this commentary. While much of the conversation in The United Methodist Church has focused of problems with its polity, Scriven wonders if we are focusing enough attention on the day to day work of opening people's hearts and minds to new ways of seeing and being.

The Complicated Business​ of Celebrating the Past

By Patrick Scriven As a child of the 80s, I've come to realize that I carry a fair...

Commentary: The Simple Way to “Do No Harm”

In commentary written for the PNW News Blog, the Rev. Austin Adkinson expresses disappointment in the One Church Plan (OCP) which codifies provisions allowing for continued discrimination. He argues that the Simple Plan offers a better route for Methodists intent on following Wesley's admonition to "do no harm."

What can we do to end gun violence and bring safety to our communities?

By the Rev. Sandy Brown | Photos by Jesse N. Love The horrific shooting on November 5 at Sutherland Springs Baptist Church brings the gun...

We Make the Road by Walking Gayly Forward

"[W]e are in a battle for the soul of our denomination," writes the Rev. Zach Taylor in commentary on the PNW News Blog. Taylor shares how the church he is planting in Walla Walla responded to General Conference tumult in a way faithful to their identity.