Listening for God’s Call

"It started with an invitation by the Church Council of Greater Seattle, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) and the ACLU..." Theresa Greco, a member of Edmonds United Methodist Church's the Immigration Ministries Committee, shares how offering hospitality to immigrant women released from detention has blessed 'guests' and church members alike.

Statement in Support of Ministry with Detained & Separated Families

The Western Jurisdiction Immigration Task Force’s mission is to help equip our Annual Conferences to be in ministry with their immigrant and migrant neighbors.At...

What can Methodists learn from Starbucks?

A well-publicized incident at a Starbucks in Philadephia left the Seattle-based business reassessing its policies and considering the impact of unconscious bias on the hospitality it offers. Kristina Gonzalez reflects on the company's response, including a company-wide closure and training this week, and considers what we might learn from it.

Hosting a Deaf-Friendly Christmas Eve Service

The United Methodist Committee on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministries is offering recommendations for improving accessibility and inclusion for Deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, and Deafblind people in your Christmas Eve Service. Several of the suggestions could also improve accessibility throughout the year.