When the Methodists took on the Hop King

By Patrick Scriven In a drama that played itself out in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in 1895, conflicting values of late 19th century Methodism – namely...

Finding a Way Forward Together in Spokane

Last Saturday’s Table Talk conversation at Spokane Valley UMC was the largest so far with 166 United Methodists coming together to discuss differing understandings of human sexuality and the Way Forward for the Church. Rosalee Mohney and the Revs. Alissa Bertsch, Geoff Helton, and Paul Graves answer some questions about the event.

Wenatchee: First UMC visits UMCOR Sager Brown

Wenatchee: First UMC visits UMCOR Sager Brown | By Robin Gates Photos courtesy of First UMC and UMCOR Sager Brown The United Methodist Committee on Relief's (UMCOR)...

What can Methodists learn from Starbucks?

A well-publicized incident at a Starbucks in Philadephia left the Seattle-based business reassessing its policies and considering the impact of unconscious bias on the hospitality it offers. Kristina Gonzalez reflects on the company's response, including a company-wide closure and training this week, and considers what we might learn from it.

An award-winning, holistic vision for mentorship

Terri Stewart accepts the 2012 Gertrude Apel Pioneering Spirit Award on behalf of The Youth Chaplaincy Coalition. Stewart and Youth Chaplaincy Coalition awarded by The Church...

Aloha! It’s Puyallup’s VBS Luau!

(Top left) Todd Kilpatrick stands over an oven used to fill with coals for slow roasting. (Top right) Friends and families of Puyallup UMC...

Jamaa Letu: Following God’s Path

Hope for the Children of Africa presents Following God’s Path for the Children of Jamaa Letu Fresie Chikomb is a United Methodist missionary assigned half-time to the...

Twenty-Four-Seven Church Hospitality

Scenes from Lake Washington UMC and Camp Unity Eastside: (clockwise from the top left) A CUE resident sits at the tv waiting for the dinner...

Rochester UMC’s Community Closet

June Gelvin pictured with clothing donations at the Rochester UMC Community Closet. The Rochester Community Closet is open on Mondays, from 4-6 p.m.; Wednesdays...

Lewis County: Long-Term Healing

Lewis County, Five Years Later (clockwise from top-left): A home installed with cedar siding thanks to Kennewick UMC; Elaine Lawler recalls the first night of...