Rev. Kathy Neary to serve as Transitional Ministry Developer for Pacific Northwest Conference

Bishop Elaine J.W. Stanovsky intends to appoint the Rev. Kathy Neary to serve as Transitional Ministry Developer for the Pacific Northwest Conference, beginning July 1, 2018....

The First Step is Always the Hardest

By the Rev. Dr. William D. Gibson | Photos by Patrick Scriven and Teri Tobey View photos from this event. Seattle, Wash. - How do we...

2017 PNWAC Legislative Summary

Prepared by the Rev. Shirley DeLarme and Patrick Scriven The Petitions and Consent Calendar items referred to on this page can be found in the...

Rev. Cruz Edwin Santos appointed as Director of Hispanic/Latinx Ministries for the PNW Conference

Bishop Elaine J.W. Stanovsky has appointed the Rev. Cruz Edwin Santos as Hispanic/Latinx Ministries Coordinator for the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference beginning July 1, 2019.

Finding a Way Forward Together in Spokane

Last Saturday’s Table Talk conversation at Spokane Valley UMC was the largest so far with 166 United Methodists coming together to discuss differing understandings of human sexuality and the Way Forward for the Church. Rosalee Mohney and the Revs. Alissa Bertsch, Geoff Helton, and Paul Graves answer some questions about the event.

Taming the Bear: Fight, flight, or freeze

The three instinctual responses to conflict: fight, flight, and freeze, are hard wired in us. Project Transformation: PNW director Rev. Rachel Neer was reminded of this fact as she participated in a recent Poverty Immersion. The opportunity also gave her new insight into the daily threat of poverty to families and the importance of the kinds of support they offer to children.

Sponsor a resident of the Jamaa Letu Orphanages

Sponsor a resident of the Jamaa Letu Orphanages By Barbara Dadd Shaffer | Photos by Eric Sparkman In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, about 68...

Entertaining Angels

"I don’t think it’s right to mix politics and religion," said Dorene, "but maybe Jose was kind of like a prophet." June Darling eloquently shares how a unconventional attendee of the Cashmere United Methodist Church pushed the edges out to help others to grow just "a tidbit more patient."

Legislative Summary from The PNWAC Sessions 2015

The Pacific Northwest Annual Conference Sessions 2015 Legislative Summary Prepared by the Rev. Shirley DeLarme Much of our action was to make our preferences known to General...

PNW UMVIM: Preparing for storms in Washington & Oregon

Courtesy of WSDOT: "Rain will become heavy at times today across Western Washington in advance of a strengthening low pressure system approaching the region.  Steady...