By Dave Burfeind

A variety of angels have blessed the construction of the new dining hall at Lazy F over the years. You may be aware that there have been two opportunities for people to give to this project and have their contribution matched by generous donors. Both times people responded and exceeded the challenge. We have been blessed again with a third opportunity to have all additional gifts up to $150,000 matched!

Lazy F Director Dave Burfeind speaking to supporters in the new dining hall during a celebration held on Saturday, November 17th. Photo by Rev. David Tinney.

The donors have expressed their interest in keeping the loan needed to finish financing this project as low as possible thereby lowering the camp’s monthly payments. They want to be sure it is not a burden on future camp operations. This couple (who wish to remain anonymous) have pledged to match all gifts received before April 15, 2019 up to $150,000. They challenge others to make a donation before the end of this year and/or before April 15, 2019.

All new gifts and outstanding pledges received since the open house and before April 15, 2019 will count toward this match! This means we have an opportunity to raise an additional $300,000 in two months, saving Lazy F $28,000 per year in loan payments. Since our Celebration Saturday on November 17th, we received $22,000 in pledges and gifts, and with the match, a total of $44,000 has been given in just a few short weeks! God is good!

There are a variety of ways to give:

  • You can respond with a check to Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center, 16170 Manastash Rd., Ellensburg, WA 98926.
  • Go to the Lazy F website to purchase an engraved brick or make a credit card donation.
  • Share earnings of stock investments. Call our office at (509) 962-2780 or email us for instructions.
  • If you have a mandatory IRA distribution as you reach 70 ½ years old, consider giving to Lazy F.

Thank you again for your continued support of and prayers for this project. God has blessed this place abundantly. This new building will further enhance the experience of our campers and guests so their faith may grow. Our work together will build on the success that has made Lazy F a place that many people cherish.

Dave Burfeind has served for over 20 years as the director of Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center outside of Ellensburg, Washington. 

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