Let’s Finish This Race!
By the Rev. John Brewer

The Ministry Fund Drive is making an all-out effort to reach our “Celebration Goal” of $2 million by the end of 2015!  We need YOU to be part of the team that can help us succeed in this HOMESTRETCH portion of our campaign.

We are seeing great results of our efforts to support New Faith Communities in our Conference! The Ministry Fund Drive makes them possible!

We are seeing some excellent learning, training and adaptive experiences coming from the Tuell Center, which is supported by your gifts to the Ministry Fund Drive.  YOUR church may be the next participant in one of these great events!

We are making a significant contribution to the Imagine No Malaria Campaign as part of the revenues from the Ministry Fund Drive are literally saving lives of children with bed nets, treatment and education!

Now, THAT is a race worth running!  Please be part of our HOMESTRETCH effort to raise the revenues to the “Celebration Goal!”   Have you made a pledge yet?  Will you do so today?  Get YOUR church involved!


Learn more about the Ministry Fund Drive, here!

The Rev. John Brewer serves as Assistant to Bishop Hagiya, Coordinator for the Ministry Fund Drive.

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