By Rosalee Mohney

UPDATE: We are down to our last 5 homes in the Okanogan and the summer building boom has caught up with us! We are unable to get electricians and plumbers this summer because they are so busy earning a living. Can you help?

The Okanogan Long Term Recovery Group has worked out an agreement with Okanogan County so that the home owner can pull the permits, skilled volunteers can do the installation, and the county will do the inspection. It is projected that the next house needing the electrical and plumbing work will be ready the end of August and the next one will be ready the middle of September.

A team of Mennonite Christian Public Service has agreed to assist with the installation of the electrical/ plumbing, however more help is needed to these portions of the building process moving forward. Barry Hansen, Rebuild Reconstruction Manager, estimates it will take 3 to 4 days to do the installation for each of these services per house.

Would you or someone you know be available to help us get this work done so we might still have a chance to finish all the houses by Christmas? If this work is not completed by the end of September, the houses will not be finished until next spring (2019). That means at least two families will have to spend yet another winter in temporary housing.

If you have additional questions, contact either:

Jim Truitt, Disaster Response Coordinator, 253-797-1680 (C) or email to   OR,
Rosalee Mohney, Wildfires UMVIM Coordinator, 206-354-0657 or email to, as soon as possible.  Your help is appreciated to help people restore their lives!

Let’s go help some people!

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