By the Rev. Lyda Pierce

The current situation “as of Tuesday, July 24, [is that] over 1000 children ages 5-17 are reportedly yet to be reunited with their parents. The court deadline for reunification of all separated children remains July 26, 2018.”[1]

The news continues to cover the situation of the families who were separated as they entered the United States seeking asylum. I often get overwhelmed by feelings of anger and sadness as I hear the stories and read the numbers. In response I try to remind myself that the work of building a loving community that treats all of God’s creatures and creation with love and respect is an on-going work; it is work for a lifetime. This is work that cannot be set aside as the cries of the children and parents call out for a response.

The Interfaith Immigration Coalition has created a Toolkit on Ending Family Separation which is extensive and includes background information, history, media resources, and 8 specific actions for churches.

View Toolkit:

Please check this out and choose (at least) one way that you and your church will use to help end family separation of asylum seekers. Each person’s and each church’s action to end this injustice is how we can avoid becoming stuck in feeling overwhelmed and find that we can contribute making God’s Kin-dom visible today and for a lifetime.

And let us pray:

For the past and violence sown
that made land unlivable,
societies unstable and
economies unsustainable,

   may we confess and repair:…

For the present suffering
and the assault on the Image of God
and humanity of every person,

   may we repent and rise up….

For the future, which will only be full of life and justice
if we are bold and courageous enough
to demand and make it together now,

   go with us Holy Spirit in the strong name of Jesus.

Addendum –  Click here for an excellent discussion of current situation of the families who entered US seeking asylum on public radio.

[1] Interfaith Toolkit to End Family Incarceration & Separation and Keep Families Together Click here to view.

[2] Extracted from a prayer included in the Toolkit written by the Rev. Tracy Howe Wispelwey, Minister of Congregational and Community Engagement, Justice and Local Church Ministries. The original prayer is longer and more complete.

The Rev. Lyda Pierce serves as director of Hispanic/Latino Ministries for the Pacific Northwest Conference Office of Connectional Ministries.


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