Faith in Action! What the PNWUMC Does Really Well!


By Rosalee Mohney | Photos by Rosalee Mohney

Rebuild: Up from the Ashes Project is in full swing and resources and volunteer help are needed! While it is true the Rebuild is projected to be completed by late fall, there is much to be done yet for that to happen!

Especially needed are fencers, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC experienced volunteers. There is room for other volunteers (painters, deck builders, roofers, etc.) also, and if you can help in any of these areas, please contact Rosalee Mohney through the email listed below. To date, the Rebuild has completed nearly 30 homes and the momentum continues this summer and your help is appreciated in ways that are unimaginable. We, who have not been personally affected by the fires cannot fully comprehend the emotional strain that accompanies the devastation. It is the reaching out by the faith-filled volunteers of the UMC that have been critical to the easing of pain and completion of the project.

UNMET NEEDS: This is a very specific way that people – individually or as a group or church – can help. UNMET NEEDS are specific needs that are not budgeted items but contribute to the creation and completion of a Rebuild home. They help the Rebuild support the home-owners in ways that make the new structure become a home. Currently, 4 vacuums (capable of hard surface to carpet) and 4 microwaves (two large and two smaller) are needed by different families.

JUST IN: UMVIM has just learned as of July 10 of a potential need for volunteers to help restore basements following the May 2018 floods in Okanogan County. The snow melt was so rapid, and the conditions were such that the ground could not absorb any additional moisture. It is termed “ground up flooding.” The water comes into the house from below instead of from above ground flooding that is normally thought of. Forty-seven houses were suffered damage caused from flooded basements and seven have requested assistance. Mold grew, and sheet rock may need to be replaced, for example. The assessment of the damage will be completed within the next few weeks and will determine what kind of mucking out and what subsequent rebuilding will be required.

If you or your church would like additional information about any of these opportunities to volunteer, please contact Rosalee Mohney at Donations of money are always welcome to Advance Special number 352. Please donate through your local church, being sure to include the Advance Special Number on your check. Any remaining funds at the close of the Rebuild will be moved into a Disaster Relief Fund as a resource for possible future disaster needs.

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