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“Rain will become heavy at times today across Western Washington in advance of a strengthening low pressure system approaching the region.  Steady rainfall is likely to persist tonight into Friday morning as the surface low lifts northward just off the coast.  By Friday morning…hefty rainfall totals are anticipated with 1 to 3 inches over the interior lowlands…2 to 5 inches along the coast and Cascade Mountains…and 4 to 8 inches over the south-facing slopes of the Olympic Mountains.  This will cause rises in all river basins…with some rivers expected to flood.  Refer to the latest flood watch and bulletins for the most updated and detailed information.”

Issued: 8:28 AM Oct 13  Will Expire: 5:00 PM Oct 13

By Jim Truitt

Good afternoon everyone,

All the TV stations and national weather advisories are predicting very high winds, some approaching hurricane strength, for Thursday afternoon through Saturday for western Washington and Oregon. This could mean power outages, downed trees and structural damage. I encourage each of you to:

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Prepare your home and family. Make sure you have adequate water and food for at least three days. If you have a generator, make sure you have gasoline and the battery is charged. Have a battery-operated radio with fresh batteries. Secure all loose items such as garbage cans to prevent them from blowing away or causing damage to your home or your car. Make sure you have at least one half tank of gas in your vehicles. Charge your cell phones. Find those candles you put in that safe place so you would know where to find them the next time there’s a storm. Know how to contact the electric and gas companies.

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Check on your neighbors. Make sure you have contact information for your neighbors and know if they have any special needs, e.g. power for oxygen machines. Are there elderly or handicapped neighbors who may need extra help?


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Check on your congregations. Check on the members of your congregations to see if anyone needs help, especially the elderly or less-abled members.

I encourage all Pastors and District Superintendents to review the Conference Disaster Response Plan and make sure you know what your responsibilities are in the event of a disaster. Keep in contact with your churches and congregations to help us know what is happening in your areas. You will have the eyes on the problem and your information could be valuable in helping us respond.

Those of you who are keepers of the ERT trailers, please make sure they are ready to roll if needed. Also, please check to make sure the generators are operational and there is gasoline available. Please let me know if there are sufficient tarps on the trailers.

I pray this is just an exercise in making sure we are prepared and we can call this a dry run. Stay safe.

Blessings to all of you,


Let’s go help some people!

Jim Truitt serves as a team leader for Early Response Teams and is a co-coordinator for the PNW’s United Methodist Volunteers in Mission. To respond to this message, click umvimdrc@pnwumc.orgFollow PNW UMVIM on Facebook.

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