Participants in this year’s Disaster Response Training event are engaged in a team-building activity.  This event was held September 23-24, 2016 at Richland: Central United Protestant Church.

By Kathy Bryson

A mock flood disaster in the Idaho Panhandle was one of the teaching scenarios during a recent PNWUMC Disaster Response training weekend held in Richland, Wash. at Central United Protestant Church.

This Early Response Team class welcomed 19 participants from across Washington State and included safety training, team building activities and learning how to muck out homes damaged by natural disasters. Also, Disaster Response instructors presented classes on team leadership plus spiritual and emotion care on how to work alongside survivors.

Certified Early Response Team members are part of The United Methodist Church Volunteers in Mission and enter during the relief phase of disaster response.

Please contact Kathy Bryson, Early Response Team Coordinator at for information on future classes.  Also, follow PNW UMVIM on Facebook!


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