By Barbara Dadd Shaffer

Looking for a very good gift for someone special? One which they will like and which you will like giving? Consider a gift in their name to the children and teens who live at the Jamaa Letu Orphanages in the DR Congo. Your special person will know that they are just that—special to you.  Together you will know that young people will benefit from your thoughtfulness, so appropriate during this time of celebrating the great gift of the Messiah.

It’s easy to ‘shop’ for this gift. Make a donation in their name for the orphanages. Then visit the Jamaa Letu website where there’s an attractive gift certificate which you can print, tuck into an envelope or gift bag, and present to your special person. (Hint: it’s on the honor system; no one is checking.)

How to make the donation: Make it to your local church with a designation so the treasurer knows how to identify it when it’s sent on to the conference office. Or, send the donation directly to the conference office, identified as ‘JLO Christmas’. Or, even faster, make the donation online with the website’s ‘Donate’ button which you can find on the homepage.

There are presently 60 children and teens living in the two Jamaa Letu Orphanages. The Pacific Northwest Conference provides the majority of the funds for the operations. Christmas gifts toward their support help ensure their continued care in their home in Africa.

To learn more about our shared work supporting young people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, visit:

Barbara Dadd Shaffer serves as a member of the Bishop’s Hope for the Children of Africa Task Force.

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