By Eric Sparkman

Recently, one of the girls in residence at the Jamaa Letu orphanage needed to be hospitalized for an ongoing medical issue. She spent a few days being cared for at the hospital and was able to return to the orphanage stronger for the care she received.

Hospital stays are never welcomed, but sometimes they are necessary and the ability to receive care is important. The money collected through the Jars for Jamaa Letu campaign helps ensure that there is the necessary money for medical care, education expenses, adequate caregivers, and food for the children in residence at the two Jamaa Letu orphanages in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Please consider how a handful of change, a few dollars, or a twenty-dollar bill can impact the life of one of the Jamaa Letu residents. It might help a child with a new school uniform or school supplies, it might provide a meal, or, it might be the money needed for life-saving medical treatment.

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Jars for Jamaa Letu can be a fun, church-wide experience. Consider taking a noisy offering one Sunday or asking children in the church to collect loose change from friends and relatives. Or, set the jars by the coffee pot and ask people to donate to the orphanages while getting coffee after church.

Please bring the money collected for Jars for Jamaa Letu to Annual Conference or send them to the Conference Office marked “Jars for Jamaa Letu”.  For more information about Jars for Jamaa Letu, the orphanages, and most especially the kids, go to the Hope for the Children of Africa website:

The kids at Jamaa Letu won’t be able to thank each one of personally, but they hold us here in the PNW in their prayers and offer thanksgiving for all that we do to support them.

Eric Sparkman serves as the co-chairperson for the PNW Conference’s Hope for the Children of Africa Task Force, which helps to coordinate our support and partnership with the orphanages of Jamaa Letu in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo.

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