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Articles and commentary on or about the Pacific Northwest Conference’s delegation to the General and Western Jurisdictional Conference. #UMCGC #WJUMC

GC Delegates: What You’re In For

Journeys: General Conference Delegates: What You're In For By Joan Holms with Amory Peck The year 2016 will bring us the opportunity to be more fully engaged...

Remembering that God is bigger than our institutions

“Love is bigger than our structures and our fraught attempts to follow the Way of Jesus.” As she looks forward toward the 2019 General Conference in less than a month, Skylar Marston-Bihl finds herself considering the history of the denomination, and the tension that has always existed between grace and structure. Skylar is a member of the 2019 PNW delegation to General Conference and the first-elected lay delegate for 2020.

#UMCGC Reflection: Something I can tell my church

By Rev. Elizabeth Ingram Schindler May 18, 2016 | Portland, Oregon For the last 48 hours, all the talk, the rumors, the underlying current at General Conference,...

#UMCGC Reflection: A Prayer for Old White Men

By David Reinholz May 19, 2016 | Portland, Oregon Dear God, I’m an old, white, heterosexual man. I have as much privilege as any segment of...

How do we see the shades of our faith? #UMCGC

Video by Patrick Scriven May 16, 2016 | Portland, Oregon “We do need to be seen; we do need to see each other. If we can’t...

Thoughts on #GC2012 after a week of less stressful living

Delegation members Marie Kuch, the Rev. Gloria Kymn, Amory Peck and the Rev. Craig Parrish share a light moment with their 'voting keypads' on...

How do you discern and not just decide? #UMCGC #GC2019

"How do you discern and not just decide?" PNW Clergy delegate to #UMCGC Rev. Mary Huycke offers some insight into how she addresses that question in her preparation for #GC2019

#UMCGC Reflection: #WhereAreTheYouth?

Updated to correct an error in the listed %. By Amanda Tobey May 12, 2016 | Portland, Oregon 0.23%. That is percentage of youth voting delegates on...

Reflection for All PNW and Alaska Clergy

Bishop Grant Hagiya addressing the General Conference during the Plenary Celebration and Challenge of the Mission and Ministry of The United Methodist Church on...

Did We Find Our Way Forward?

"Did we find our way forward? I think we did, just not in the way many expected or hoped," writes Inland Missional District Superintendent Gregg Sealey reflecting on the recent General Conference. Since returning home from St. Louis, he has been listening to how people here are processing the decisions made.