This photo of a rainbow, a Biblical symbol of hope, was taken from the Responder Support Camp in Galena, Alaska.

Our ongoing efforts, through the United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) program, to respond to the 2013 floods in Galena, Alaska are close to completion but a need has surfaced for additional teams to finish up this summer’s work. Jim Truitt, the UMVIM Disaster Response Coordinator for the Pacific Northwest Conference, sent the message below last night.

If you are available to assist in this need, please respond with your interests, and questions, as directed below. Please also share this opportunity to serve with others who may be equipped to respond. Forms you may need can also be found at the bottom of this page.

Things are going fairly well in Galena with the exception of two major remodels. Contractor delays, materials delivery delays and access to the work site has created a real time crunch. Based on our current logistics plan and rotation schedule, we optimistically estimate we need at least two additional teams with the last one departing Galena on 9/15 .

FEMA is looking at any way possible to maintain the 9/2 final team departure. They have proposed UMVIM bring in at least two extra teams along with Teams #11 & #12 and work two shifts through 9/2. The decision was made jointly today with UMVIM, FEMA and the State of Alaska. We will recruit teams to supplement the existing Teams #11 & #12 and a team that will go to Galena for only one week on Aug 26th.

Volunteers will travel all the way to Galena on Wednesdays if at all possible. The last flight to Galena leaves Fairbanks at 2:05pm AKST so volunteers must be in Fairbanks around noon to make the connection.Volunteers who cannot make the connection in Fairbanks on Wednesday will travel to Fairbanks on Tuesday, stay overnight and catch the first available flight to Galena on Wednesday. Travel will be on FEMA Invitational Travel and at no cost to the volunteers. To preserve as much work time as possible, we would like for the volunteers to make the trip from their home airport to Galena in one day. We know that may not be possible in most cases but we would like to make every attempt to make that happen.

Travel dates if you can get all the way to Galena in one day:

  • Arrive Galena 8/13 Depart Galena 8/27
  • Arrive Galena 8/20 Depart Galena 9/3
  • Arrive Galena 8/27 Depart Galena 9/3

Travel dates if you cannot make it all the way to Galena in one day:

  • Arrive Fairbanks 8/12 Arrive Galena 8/13 Depart Galena 8/27
  • Arrive Fairbanks 8/19 Arrive Galena 8/20 Depart Galena 9/3
  • Arrive Fairbanks 8/26 Arrive Galena 8/27 Depart Galena 9/3


Returning Volunteers (2014): If you are available and are willing to make another trip to Galena, please let me know as soon as possible but not later than Friday Aug 8 for the Aug 11/13 trip and Wednesday Aug 13 for the other two trips. If you have already been to Galena this year, please fill out an updated Medical/Liability Release form (attached) and send a copy to me. Do not send me the original notarized version. You need to take the original notarized copy with you to Galena.

New Volunteers: If you have not been to Galena this year (2014) but are willing to go on one of these trips, please fill out all of the attached forms and return them to me not later than Friday Aug 8 for the Aug 11/13 trip and Wednesday Aug 13 for the other two trips. Do not send me the notarized version of the Medical/Liability Release form. You need to take the original notarized copy with you to Galena. You can send me a signed copy without the notary.

Forms: These forms are fillable PDF forms so they can filled out on your computer and returned in an email. You will need Adobe Reader to fill them out. You can also scan and attach them to an email. Do not send them via USPS. We don’t have time for that.

FAX: If you want to fax them to me, please call me first so I can turn on the fax machine.

Supplemental Medical Insurance: You must have medical insurance for this trip. We can furnish $25,000 supplemental medical insurance for $28.64 which covers you from the time you depart your home until you return. Please see Schedule of Benefits attached. If you want the insurance, please let me know when you send me your forms and then send me a check at the address below made out to Treasurer Alaska Conference with Alaska Insurance on the memo line.

I pray you will give this prayerful consideration and choose to help us complete the mission of rebuilding the community of Galena. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

Jim Truitt
UMVIM Disaster Response Coordinator
PNW Conference United Methodist Church
23441 147th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98042
253-630-1268 (H)
253-797-1680 (C)


Background Consent Form

Direct Deposit Sign Up Form travel

Emergency Contact Form

FAQs Galena 2014

Invitational Travel Team Information

Medical and Liability Release Form

Schedule of Benefits

Skills Assessment Form

Team Member Packing List

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