Post submitted on April 30, 2011 by Amory Peck, First Elected Lay Delegate to General Conference and Conference Lay Leader. Our PNW delegation is pictured hard at work in the plenary session on Tuesday, May 2, 2012. Picture by Patrick Scriven

Tuesday was a long day.  Even though Peter and Gail sat in for me in the afternoon so I could get some rest, it was a long day.

Most momentous was the ending of guaranteed appointments for clergy.  I don’t know how that issue would have resolved itself if it had been discussed on the floor, but it slid past us on the consent calendar.  (Everyone assumed it would be removed from the calendar — someone was certain that it had been, but within the twenty signatures needed, there was one duplicate, so the request to remove wasn’t valid.  It was startling, to say the least, to learn what had had just happened.)

There were two times of silent protest, a group of about twenty LGBT and allies walking silently back and forth through the visitors’ area.  It was especially poignant when they walked as the business on the floor was a recognition of the cordial, loving relations with AME church and others.  Wonderful song about “no walls” was sung, and those excluded walked silently.

A high point of the day was the annual dinner given by the General Board of Church and Society.  A high point, but poignant, also, since we have no idea on the future of that board — or of any others — at this moment.  General Secretary Jim Winkler is one of my heroes.  I am so delighted that he’ll be one of our speakers at PNW Annual Conference in June.

Today will be intense (and a whole lot of other adjectives).  Restructuring is the topic for the day — it will be a difficult conversation.

More tomorrow — pray for us today.



  1. Thank you, Amory, for your reflection. Those of us back here in the PNW are most grateful to you and the delegation for your faithful representation and advocacy for full inclusion within our church. O, Lord, when will we move from fear and control to love and justice?
    Jim Davis
    Port Orchard

  2. I am in full agreement with Jim’s comments. So many thanks for all the time and work that the entire PNW delegation is doing for all of us. What we are reading and watching at times, is pretty incredible. Prayers and love to and for each of you! Prayers for my church!

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