After a lengthy discussion by the body to decide whether Plan B would be considered by General Conference, we are currently in the midst of debate on Plan UMC. Currently the delegates are debated the importance of the independence of COSROW and GCORR for their monitoring work. As I post the vote is being called on an amendment of an amendment .  Exciting stuff. Wait, that amendment failed.

The amendment to maintain independence for COSROW and GCORR failed. More amendments forthcoming.

A new amendment has just been proposed to add significant Central Conference representation from the floor, though it appears that they has been some coordination with those behind PlanUMC. An amendment to the amendment is currently underway. That amendment was defeated. The original amendment to add more Central conference representation to the amendment passed by a significant margin.

An amendment is currently being proposed to increase representation in jurisdictions that will lose representation under the current plan. If passed each jurisdiction would have three representatives. The body is ready to vote on the amendment and the result is… the amendment is defeated. Jurisdictions will not have equal representation.

We are back to the original motion. Concerns have been raised several times about the short time for deliberation, lack of translation, etc…

The question has been called to question. Procedural motion raised. If PlanUMC is approved it will go to GCFA. The vote for Plan UMC passed.


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