By Rik Jamieson | Assistant PNW Conference Treasurer

Be on the lookout for the Shared Ministry Apportionment Notice for your 2017 budget planning. Forward the apportionment sheet to your church Treasurer with copies to the Finance Committee Chair and the Administrative Board chair.

Rule VII, Sec. 3 Par. (b) The Council on Finance and Administration shall determine apportionments in the following way for all purposes:

(1)  Determine the total for the Conference for the two years preceding the current year for the columns reporting the following items: Pastor’s Plan Compensation Paid, Associate Pastor’s Plan Compensation Paid, Non-Capital Parsonage Expenses, Travel Allowance, Other Cash Allowance, Diaconal Ministries Compensation, Other Staff Compensation, Current Expenses for Program, and Other Current Expenses.

The 2017 apportionments are based on an average of actual 2015 and 2014 expenses submitted by your church using the annual statistical process uploaded through EZRA. The specific expenses used are detailed in Conference rule VII, Section 3, paragraph (b) (1) found in the PNW Annual Conference Journal.

Other impacts to your apportionments include chartering of new churches, closures of existing churches, and changes in the total budget. For instance the impact on your apportionment calculation for recently closed churches equates to an average 1.3% increase in every church apportionment. However, this impact was reduced by an overall Conference budget reduction in 2017 of about 1.8%.

If you have questions about this mailing, please don’t hesitate to call or email us in the Treasurer’s office.

You can contact the Treasurer’s Office by calling 206.870.6820 or by emailing your Conference Treasurer Brant Henshaw (email) or Assistant Treasurer Rik Jamieson (email).

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