By Madelyn Bafus

Spokane Valley United Methodist Church and its United Methodist Women participated in the Intercept Human Trafficking Photo Campaign. “We at Spokane Valley take very seriously the issue of human trafficking and we appreciate this opportunity through United Methodist Women to make our voices heard with all the other United Methodist around the world that Human Trafficking must stop,” shares Madelyn Bafus, Lay Leader and Mission & Service Coordinator for Spokane Valley UMC.

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Madelyn Bafus also serves as the Inland District President, Pacific Northwest Conference United Methodist Women.

Get ready for Super Bowl LI on February, 5, 2017

Courtesy of United Methodist Women

In football, the phrase “in the box” is used when the defense puts its players in a rectangular formation to stop the offensive team’s run play in its tracks. For those playing in the box, the goal is to stop the run or confuse the offense. When in a box alignment, there are more defenders to shut down the offensive game of the opponent. Some have said it’s like being in a situation where the odds are stacked against you, but you had the foresight to use your strongest defense to overcome what is facing you. This phrase also applies to real life.

You can use this when you are going above and beyond to prevent something from happening.  We want to gain control of the game. Traffickers run a game on the vulnerable and we aim to stack the box against them, to intercept their game and to box ’em up for prosecution. We want to take control of the box that is human trafficking and open it for the survivors who have been boxed into a life full of despair where they come to believe there are no possibilities for escape.

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