Amory Peck addresses the 2012 General Conference in Tampa, Florida at part of the Laity Address. Photo by PNW Director of Connectional Minsitries, Rev. David Valera.

It’s 9:30 pm and Bishop James King from the South Georgia Conference has just started to preach. It has been a long day. It started with out with our own Amory peck offering her portion of the Laity Address. The whole morning was positive, even to my surprise the rules committee report, which passed as the committee presented it. But the afternoon was a different story. The new rules for the Legislative Committee officer elections were implemented and it took three and one half hours to elect seven people.

My committee missed the entire holy conferencing session which included the conversations about human sexuality…it was very disappointing.

But the day was saved by the evening worship.

Good night friends,


Rev. Craig Parrish is the Conference Treasurer for the Pacific Northwest Conference and head of the PNW delegation to Tampa, Florida for General Conference 2012.

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