The following resource was submitted by Rev. DJ del Rosario, lead pastor at Bothell United Methodist Church. This collaboration by leaders from Bothell United Methodist and Northlake Lutheran Church, is offered for use by congregations and individuals on Election Day. 

An Invitation

We live in a world that naturally divides you from me and us from each other.

On November 8, we have the opportunity to impact change through our votes and our prayers.

Will you join us as we pray for healing, for hope, and for unity?

Here are two ways that you can engage in this sacred time of prayer.

1. Wherever you are on Nov. 8th, we are providing a litany that you are invited to use throughout the day.

Click here to download/view the Litany

2. Faith communities can choose a specific hour on Tuesday, November 8 to gather and pray as a people. For resources and suggestions for your faith community, please click here.

Click here to download/view a Prayer Service Template

Members of the surrounding community are invited to attend a prayer service at any faith community. A list of faith communities and service times will be compiled and shared through our Facebook event page. If you don’t see one near you, consider starting one!

Hashtags for use on Social media: #ElectionDayPrayer #OnePeopleManyPrayers

About the Artwork

“Inspired by the Election Day litany. We pray, Lord, send your Spirit in this place. Spirit as manifested through water, music and light pierces through a backdrop noisy with campaign words (the ones used most by each candidate in the first debate) and one that suggests division through the election map. The water invokes healing and cleansing. The music notes are the notes for “Lord listen to Your children praying,” as we pray together in harmony.”

Artwork created by Joann Lee Kim. 

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