A photo by the Rev. David Valera of a photo by the Rev. David Valera integrated as part of the visuals of the 2012 General Conference.

Day 1(for me at least) at GC.

8:00 – Got my Press Credentials and so now I have front and behind the scenes access.

8:15 – Sat down in the press room to determine what the schedule looks looks like for today, and where I need/should be. I quickly realized how huge this convention center is, and how many things are going on at the same time. So my first move was to get my morning beverage from Starbucks. From there, I went on to map out the place, took photos and tried to find shortcuts, backroads and secret entrances that would make moving from one location to the next much quicker and easier.

Global Aids Fund – Press Conference

Leaders of the Global Aids Fund held a press conference this morning at the Tampa Convention Center. Rev. Don Messer, Linda Bales Todd and Bishop Ivan Abrams shared the denominations renewed commitment and continuing plans to minister to those afflicted with HIV/Aids. The group challenged the church to action through: 1. Confession – Admitting our failure to act, 2. Changed Behavior – Show care and not condemnation 3. Commitment – Reach out to help others by putting money into action 4. Courage – Break the “conspiracy of silence” and preach inclusiveness 5. Community – Partner with other NGO’s and groups.
Bishop Abrams emphasized our need to embrace persons with HIV/AIDS and make sure the we do not judge nor exclude them.

To learn more about this ministry, please visit www.umglobalaidsfund.com


  1. Hi David:

    Beautiful picture. Say “hello” to Linda Bales Todd for me. She was at our Why, God Why conference at Bothell on the 14th!

    Have a great time at GC. Will look forward to your pics and commentary.


  2. Hi Dave,

    Nice shot! Just emailed you about (ticket) for our next trip to Nashville not realizing that you are at GC. Well, hope to hear from you. Enjoy your time/work at Tampa.

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