I wanted to give people some Twitter #hashtag tips when tweeting about General Conference or seeing other peoples tweets. For some practical information about hashtags for those new to Twitter, consider this LINK.

#gcyp In order to recogonize the young people attending General Conference. Young people will be using this hashtag in order to represent that we do care about the future of the church.

#gc2012 Is the offical hashtag of the event. This is used to easily recogonize and group treets.

#umcyp This hashtag is the overall presence of young people with the church.

#pnwumc The conference has a hashtag to represent us and help us to know the thoughts and feelings of our group.

#umclead This hashtag represents ideas or things people have said that can make a difference with the church.

#proud2bumc This one is really all about how you are proud to be a United Methodist.


  1. Great job, Amy on schooling folks on the Twitter #hashtag. Twitter will really give people a peek into General Conference, Annual Conference, and Western Jurisdictional Conference…2012 is going to be an interesting year of Methodists tweets, that’s for sure. #kudos

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