QuadW-Portland: The summer internship program with community missional service


QuadWGresham, Oregon: Gresham United Methodist Church is excited to partner with QuadW for a second year. QuadW Missional Internship is a mission oriented experience for college-age young adults. The Portland site is one of ten sites, in the U.S. that offer opportunities to serve and meet the physical and spiritual needs of each interns, through communal living, worshiping together, working in the community with children and the under-served population, including enriching their own personal relationship with God, through ‘Spiritual Reflection Fridays’ to grow their faith journey.

This internship program starts June 9, 2016 for eight weeks focusing on life-changing missional experiences.  Up to 12 spots are available at the Portland site for 2016. Interns receive a $1,800 stipend plus free housing with most meals provided. Interns are encouraged to raise $300 to offset the program. Interns must be willing to live and share in a Christ-centered community, be self-motivated and have a desire to grow in deep understanding of hands-on community missional service.

Applications are now being accepted: http://quadwmi.org/application/

QuadW Organization – Portland Link: http://quadwmi.org/portland-or/


  1. I find it very sad that as a United Methodist Camp Ministry, we have to compete with our own congregations for college age individuals for a place to serve, worship, and live in community during a short summer season. We provide a similar experience for future leaders of our church during the summer and I still believe that camp is the best place to “grow in your faith journey.” A church could choose the other 42 weeks of the year and camp could be a great feeding and recruiting ground for individuals to then move onto a church internship.

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