On the left: A photo of the new dining hall construction site from late January.
On the right: A 17,000 gallon fire suppression tank to protect the building was very recently completed on the site.

By Dave Burfeind 

One thing I have learned in the fundraising and construction of the new dining hall at Lazy F is that things happen on God’s time. We make plans, set goals, arrange activities and work very hard, but ultimately things happen on God’s time.

Things were moving along at a good clip in January; the foundation was poured first and retaining wall second. We had the subcontractor to erect the steel building set up for an arrival date, but that came and went several times. That company was jettisoned and now we have contracted a company who worked previously with our general contractor.

In the meantime, the 17,000 gallon fire suppression tank to protect the building is done, the general contractor is busy lining up all the subcontractors, and we are pouring through kitchen equipment to figure out our best options for the best prices.

Locally sourced and milled wood that will be used in the construction of the dining hall.

Volunteer help with construction

Although most of the construction will be done with professionals, there are a number of strategic aspects of the building that could be done with volunteers. This would help immensely in keeping costs down and be a great opportunity to share your time and talents. We are looking for volunteer help, most likely in May, June, July, and August.

Here are some options:

  • Constructing a shed for a water tank
  • Constructing a bench at the main entrance
  • Installing ceiling material (with a lift)
  • Staining trim and other material
  • Painting

Please contact our office if you, or a team from your church, would be interested in pitching in on one of these volunteer projects.

Fundraising continues

A close up view of some of the foundation work for the new dining hall at Lazy F Camp.

God has blessed the Place at the Table campaign with $1.75 million pledged and given to this point. Those familiar with the construction industry know that expenses continue to rise. We are seeing this first hand as our costs are more than anticipated. Consequently, we will continue to seek support to successfully fund this project. We have a four part plan to make this happen:

  1. Personally connect with strategic United Methodist Churches
  2. Ask for individuals to continue giving after completion of pledge
  3. Implement a user fee once dining hall is completed
  4. Involve volunteers to reduce expenses

Stay tuned for more information on each of these steps.

Thanks again for your involvement in the Place at the Table Campaign!  We are close to crossing the finish line and look forward to sharing a meal with you in the new dining hall.

Dave Burfeind has served for over 20 years as the director of Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center outside of Ellensburg, Washington. 

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