By the Rev. Richenda Fairhurst

Each year across the denomination local churches and organizations with global reach and connections participate in the Peace With Justice Programs developed and supported by the General Board of Church and Society. Each year the General Board awards grants in the spring, grants intended to further peace and pursue justice for our world.

Here in the Pacific Northwest Conference, we, too, participate in the Peace with Justice Program. Our own Pacific Northwest Conference Board of Church and Society and the Peace with Justice Coordinator work on the fundraising and grant management that we hope will assist peace and justice seekers in our local churches and in our extended local and global ministries.

We are now accepting applications for the Peace with Justice grants available in our conference.

There are two types of grants now available to your church or organization.

The first is a ‘General’ Peace with Justice Grant. This grant is awarded yearly at the time of Annual Conference to local churches or organizations who seek to end violence, address militarism, support community restoration and righting of ethnic and social injustices, and promote economic justice. We seek to support those who are engaging the parish in the work of social justice, as well that work itself, from the local to the global. Grants are awarded up to $1000. The deadline to apply for the General grant is April 30th.

For ideas as to if your church or organization might qualify for one of our General Grants, see these lists of grant recipients from prior years.

The ‘Emergency’ Peace with Justice Grant is new this year. It is recognized that the work of social justice means things do not necessarily move on an institutional schedule. Grants may be needed to respond to immediate justice concerns or needs at the parish level. These grant amounts are up to $250 and are limited in number to funds available. Funds can be authorized in a few days and dispersed in a week with good communication. These funds can be applied for and used year round. Use of these funds may include things such as an organizing dinner in response to a justice need in the community, or for materials for a rally, or for transportation needs to transport people to a hearing.

Visit the Peace With Justice webpage for links to forms and contacts for these grants.

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In addition to the Peace with Justice grants, the Peace With Justice program and the Board of Church and Society for the Pacific Northwest Conference want to recognize an exceptional individual or organization who has made a significant contribution to Peace with Justice issues during the last year. Every year we seek nominations from conference members for the names of those who have most made a difference for the justice and peace of our neighborhoods, churches, and beyond. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award is granted in the amount of $1000 and awarded at Annual Conference.

If you have a nomination of a person or organization of someone worthy of recognition for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award for efforts in Peace and Justice, please download a nomination form and email it right away. Nominations are accepted until April 30th. More information and nominating forms are available on the Peace with Justice conference webpage.

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Richenda Fairhurst serves as pastor of Camas United Methodist Church and is the Peace with Justice Coordinator for the PNW Conference Board of Church and Society.

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