PNW Board of Ordained Ministry will resist discriminatory GC2019 restrictions

A letter was sent earlier this month to ministerial candidates in the PNW Conference in response to the harmful actions of General Conference 2019. In reassurance, it offers "that the actions of General Conference do not and will not change our statement or our current practice..."

Did We Find Our Way Forward?

"Did we find our way forward? I think we did, just not in the way many expected or hoped," writes Inland Missional District Superintendent Gregg Sealey reflecting on the recent General Conference. Since returning home from St. Louis, he has been listening to how people here are processing the decisions made.

Is the #UMC brand broken?

By Patrick Scriven Regardless of how one identifies theologically, this last week was not a good one for...

Greater NW churches respond to GC with messages of love, apology and inclusion

When the Traditional Plan passed at General Conference, local churches across the Greater Northwest Area raced to counter to a message sent that was out of sync with the ministry they understand God calling them toward. Kristen Caldwell shares how a number of church leaders responded.

Bishops challenge constitutionality of disaffiliation petition

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church (COB) has asked the Judicial Council for a declaratory decision...

PNW Conference Lay Leaders reflect on a difficult General Conference

A word from Nancy Tam Davis I’m in a prayerful frame of mind as I let the images...

WJ Bishops respond to harmful General Conference, recommit to full inclusion

The WJ College of Bishops offers this statement to a church finding itself harmed once again by a General Conference incapable of...

Looking back, and offering Life to All at #GC2019

PNW reserve delegate Rev. Sharon Moe, offers a look back at General Conferences she has participated in, often as a voting delegate, going back to 1996. Looking ahead to #GC2019, she is looking to support a plan that offers "the most grace to the greatest number of people."

Resource: #UMCGC Prayer Service for a local church

This week, pastors across the United Methodist connection are preparing for their weekly Sunday worship services just...

How do you discern and not just decide? #UMCGC #GC2019

"How do you discern and not just decide?" PNW Clergy delegate to #UMCGC Rev. Mary Huycke offers some insight into how she addresses that question in her preparation for #GC2019