Looking back, and offering Life to All at #GC2019

PNW reserve delegate Rev. Sharon Moe, offers a look back at General Conferences she has participated in, often as a voting delegate, going back to 1996. Looking ahead to #GC2019, she is looking to support a plan that offers "the most grace to the greatest number of people."

Resource: #UMCGC Prayer Service for a local church

This week, pastors across the United Methodist connection are preparing for their weekly Sunday worship services just...

How do you discern and not just decide? #UMCGC #GC2019

"How do you discern and not just decide?" PNW Clergy delegate to #UMCGC Rev. Mary Huycke offers some insight into how she addresses that question in her preparation for #GC2019

United Methodists Meet in St. Louis for Worldwide Conference

Delegates and observers from around the world will gather at the Dome at America’s Center, February 24-26, 2019, for the Special Session of the United Methodist General Conference.

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Divining expectations and discerning priorities for General Conference 2019

Marie Kuch-Stanovsky, first-elected lay delegate and head of the PNW delegation, offers her hopes and expectations for the 2019 General Conference. Marie offers some insight on how delegates will do their work together and applauds efforts to free up process for the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Commentary: The Simple Way to “Do No Harm”

In commentary written for the PNW News Blog, the Rev. Austin Adkinson expresses disappointment in the One Church Plan (OCP) which codifies provisions allowing for continued discrimination. He argues that the Simple Plan offers a better route for Methodists intent on following Wesley's admonition to "do no harm."

Preparing for the Unknown

How can we get ready for General Conference when so many things are up in the air? Rev. Elizabeth Ingram Schindler shares how the PNW delegation has been preparing itself for the special session of General Conference later this month and offers suggestions on how United Methodists can do the same.

Remembering that God is bigger than our institutions

“Love is bigger than our structures and our fraught attempts to follow the Way of Jesus.” As she looks forward toward the 2019 General Conference in less than a month, Skylar Marston-Bihl finds herself considering the history of the denomination, and the tension that has always existed between grace and structure. Skylar is a member of the 2019 PNW delegation to General Conference and the first-elected lay delegate for 2020.

The Parable of the Rubber Chickens

If this guy can squeeze music out of rubber chickens, just imagine what God could do with a United Methodist Church that was ready to love.